Lose Belly Fat With Ber Or Jujube Leaves


Belly Fat Loss Now With Ber Or Jujube Leaves

Haven’t we all tried to lose weight? And most of all that stubborn belly fat that just doesn’t melt no matter how many diets we follow or miles we run on the treadmill.

Well it’s time to put down those dumbbells and tear up the diet chart because we have found the simplest way of burning that fat.

As much as you love to eat those juicy bers and jujubes in the summer, now their leaves will give you immense pleasure too. The fruits already have a lot of health benefits but we bet you didn’t know their leaves can help you lose weight. Thank us later, first read how it works.

Lose Belly Fat With Ber Or Jujube Leaves

Here’s How To Lose Belly Fat With Ber Or Jujube Leaves

The Journal of Natural Remedies published a study according to which the extract received from the leaves of ber or jujube are highly efficient when it comes to weight loss. The extract is believed to help in suppressing hunger (good news for all the foodies out there) along with a handful of other qualities like deduction of glucose serum levels, lipid levels and also contributes significantly towards reduction of fat around your internal levels especially the stubborn fat around your belly (yay!). The extract is strongly recommended for people who have unhealthy habits or their daily diet involves high amount of fats. Also, great news for people who love to or frequently dine out, you don’t have to leave it at all! Just drink this extract and it will be taken care of.

Indian Jujube leaves- Lose Belly Fat With Jujube LeavesHow to use it?

You will require:

  • Pluck a handful of Ber or Jujube leaves
  • Soak them in water, overnight
  • Drink this water every morning, preferably with an empty stomach.

How Often Should You Have This Mixture?

It depends on your urgency to lose weight. Drinking a glass of the mixture per day for a month, has visibly great results. However, to speed up the process you have two glasses a day (one morning and the other in evening) to speed up the process.

Hope you found this post on How to Lose Belly Fat With Ber Or Jujube Leaves informative!

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