7 Ways To Lose Water Weight Safely


How To Lose Water Weight Safely?

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The human body is made up of 60% of water that has a key role to play in different bodily functions. Excess retention of water, which is medically called edema is a side effect of chronic inflammation.

For a majority of the people, excess water weight is not a big health issue but it does negatively impact your quality of life and appearance.

Here are some ways to lose water weight safely!

1) Exercise regularly

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Exercise is a great short-term way of reducing water weight. Exercising in any form increases sweat and makes you lose water. While exercising, your body shifts lots of water into the muscles. This reduces the soft look people complain of due to water retention. However, drinking water while training is still mandatory.

2) Sleep more

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work sleep

Research says that sleep is as important as diet and exercise. One study says that when you are asleep, your body acts like a plumbing system and helps in flushing out the toxins from the brain. Quality sleep controls hydration levels and reduces water retention. Just make sure you clock 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

3) Reduce stress


Chronic stress can increase the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ that directly has an impact on fluid retention and water weight. Stress and cortisol can increase an antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the body. This hormone signals the kidneys and tells them the amount of water to pump back to the body. Controlling your stress levels will help in maintaining the normal level of ADH and cortisol. This is essential for fluid balance and health.

4) Consume electrolytes

Electrolytes like potassium and magnesium have an important role to play in the body one of which is regulating water balance. You will need electrolyte supplements if you drink a lot of water, workout a lot, live in a hot climate or don’t consume salty food.

5) Keep a check on salt intake

Sodium is obtained from your daily salt intake. Sodium is said to play an important role in fluid balance. You should neither go too high with sodium consumption nor too low. Just keep it normal and you won’t have water retention.

6) Drink more water


Staying well-hydrated can reduce water retention. Strange but true! Your body tries to have a healthy water balance, so when you are dehydrated it tends to prevent water levels from going down and thus retains water in the body. Just keep your water intake optimal. Too much can also increase water weight. Drink water when you are thirsty till you feel hydrated.

7)  Focus on certain foods

There are many foods that fight water retention. Food rich in potassium are recommended as they help in balancing the levels of sodium and increase the production of urine. Include leafy greens, bananas, beans, tomatoes, avocados and dairy for potassium. You should also consume magnesium rich foods like dark chocolate, nuts and whole grains. Try to avoid foods that are highly processed or that have a lot of fibre. Try to opt for low FODMAP foods to see if it is helpful.

Hope you liked reading this post on ways to lose water weight safely!

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