6 Tips to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet


Tips to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet

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Are you planning to go vegan? You would be quite glad to know that scientific studies say that a vegan diet can help you lose all the unwanted kilos!

For the uninitiated, a vegan diet is free of eggs, meat, fish, dairy and anything that has to do with animals.

Now, there are folks who have already joined the vegan bandwagon but the needle of their weighing scale does not seem to budge! Nothing to worry about, you might be on the wrong track. Below are some tips to bring you to the right path of weight loss.

Check out the Tips to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet!

1) Say no to vegan junk food

The biggest plus point of following a vegan diet is that you can focus on eating whole foods and plants and avoid processed foods. However, you will find vegan junk food in the supermarket aisles like frozen vegan pizzas, ice-cream and things of that sort. Most of them are loaded with calories and are carb-heavy. You can easily go overboard. You need to concentrate on consuming whole foods. Use fruits, veggies and whole grains in such a manner that you simply can’t resist your meal! Also, be light on the salt, oil and sugar!

2) Get your thyroid tested

You might be on a weight loss plateau due to some health issues. A low thyroid level can be a possible cause. Please seek your doctor’s advice and get tested for hypothyroidism and if you are diagnosed with it, you need to get treated.

3) Chuck out chemicals and plastics

There are certain chemicals called endocrine disruptors present in plastic bottles, food wrapper and coffee cups. These endocrine disruptors or EDCs enter our body and are usually linked with obesity. You can avoid them by swapping glass with plastic and avoiding restaurant food altogether. It is always good to have a freshly prepared meal at home.

4) Monitor your sleep

You might be suffering from sleep apnea and the symptoms include snoring when you are asleep, feeling exhausted during the day and waking up in the middle of the night. Please get tested and seek the advice of the doctor.

5) Manage stress

Stress is usually there in everyone’s life. It can be due to relationships or work life. Find out what helps you relax, it can be anything like yoga, meditation or any other therapy. Even exercising helps bringing down stress levels and put you on the track to weight loss.

6) Exercise regularly

Shifting from a sedentary life to one that is active can help you lose weight. Studies reveal that you can lose weight when you work out regularly. So, clubbing a plant-based diet with exercise can help in letting you get back to your ideal weight.

Final thoughts

Excess intake of vegan junk food is the main cause of not being able to lose weight. You should stick to eating the right kinds of foods and ensuring that you get a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night.

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