10 Effective Hacks to Lose Weight And Stop Eating Junk


10 Effective Hacks to Lose Weight And Stop Eating Junk

Do you find yourself searching for something to eat, which actually means, junk food in the kitchen cupboards too often in spite of being on a strict diet?

Well, even if you exercise regularly, your habit of eating junk will not allow you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Here we are to help you out by resenting some great hacks to stop eating junk and lose weight!

1. SOS strategy

Hunger read craving, can strike anytime. So, you need to be prepared with some healthy snacks so that you don’t end up munching on chips. Here is what can be kept ready to SOS….

You can even carry this in tiny boxes and slip them in your hand bag. This way you can eat healthy even if you are not at home!

2. Increase your drinking capacity

No, not at all… we are not asking you to drink your calories. Most people mistake thirst for hunger. However, you might just need water at times. Staying well hydrated all the time is a great way to prevent gorging on junk food. You should drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day and if plain water sounds too boring, go in for nimbu paani, aam panna or buttermilk.

3. Stop being rigid

Complete deprivation of junk food will only make you crave them more. So, you can relish your favorite snacks occasionally.

4. High fiber and complex carbs for breakfast

Your breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day and be rich in fiber to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. This prevents random snacking. Make sure that there are complex carbs and proteins in your breakfast.

This is what you can eat…

  • Oats
  • Millets
  • Lentils
  • Eggs
  • Nuts

5. Motivate a buddy

Ask your friend, colleague or spouse to go on a diet with you as doing it all alone will make you lose motivation. Moreover, keeping track on each other’s progress will be fun!

6. Pre-plan meals

Plan your meals because you can get junk food cravings any time and if healthy food is within reach, your chances of going astray are fewer. Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day leaving no way out for junk food.

7. Stop stressing

Stress can affect your eating patterns. Try to relax your mind and body so that you don’t seek refuge in junk food.

8. Be outdoors

Habits that make you want to eat junk food should be changed. For example, if you start craving for some sinful junk in the evening, just get out of the house and go for a walk. It will divert your mind and you crave for junk anymore. Walking will keep you fit and help in getting rid of junk food temptation.

9. Keep junk out of reach

Find out the foods that trigger cravings and ensure that you don’t have them in your kitchen cupboard. When the food is not within your reach, you won’t crave it.

10. Eat mindfully

  • Are you a fast eater?
  • Do you simply gulp down food?

If your reply is a yes, then it is time to change your habits and start being mindful while eating food. That means chewing food properly and enjoying every bite. This will not only aid digestion but also ensure that you don’t overeat. This strategy includes enjoying small portions of even junk food as it would lead to less consumption of junk food with greater level of satisfaction.

Try the above hacks to stop the habit of eating unhealthy junk food! You need to show some love to yourself and feed your body with the right kind of food.

Hope you found these hacks to stop eating junk to lose weight useful!

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