Lose Weight With Aroma Of Essential Oils


Lose Weight With Aroma Of Essential Oils

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Just imagine that you are wandering in the world of scents, inhaling refreshing fragrances. And while walking through the heavenly smelling alleys you start shedding kilos! If you are able to lose weight this way, won’t that be unbelievably good?

Come back to planet earth first! No, you were not dreaming! Yes, you read the heading right! You can lose weight with the help of essential oils! A study done in Japan confirms that some scents trigger weight loss. The smell of lemon and grape fruit helps in activating the body’s fat burning ability along with reducing the chances of further weight gain. Just imagine the number of people who will benefit from this finding! There are so many people who eat right, workout right but are not able to get the body of their dreams. A ray of hope can be seen in this study.

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In another study done in Korea, it was found that massaging the abdomen with certain essential oils helps in reducing belly fat in women in the post-menopausal stage. The women were divided in two groups by the scientists. Participants of the study massaged their abdomen twice daily for a period of 6 weeks. One group of women massaged their abdomen only with grapeseed oil and the other group used a blend of grapefruit, cypress and lemon oils. Women who applied citrus-cypress blend witnessed a lesser amount of abdominal fat at the end of the study. The measurements of their waist too dropped and they could feel an improvement in their body image.

The study involved post menopausal women but it is likely that the effects hold good for other women and men also. Hormonal changes post menopause can make it quite difficult for women to lose fat. It is quite encouraging that in spite of this, the study showed wonderful results.

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Recipe of massage oil

How about making your own fat burning massage oil? Here is a recipe for you:

  1. Measure 60 ml of sweet almond oil with the help of a measuring cup. This oil is a carrier oil for the essential oils.
  2. To 60 ml of the sweet almond oil add 5 drops each of lemon, grapefruit and cypress essential oils.
  3. Pour this into a bottle (glass is preferred) and close the lid. Roll the bottle between the palms of your hand so that the ingredients blend well together.
  4. Use this oil to massage your abdomen once or twice daily so that the dosage is same as that used by the participants of the study.

Abdominal Massage

Now the question running in your mind must be how the oil should be applied on the abdomen so that it is effective. Just follow the directions below:

Massage this oil on your abdomen in large circles beginning above the navel and working outward towards the left side of the abdomen. You should be performing this massage daily or at least 5 times a week for best results.

A word of caution

Do not apply the oil if you are going to expose yourself to the sunlight as lemon and grapefruit essential oils can cause a little photo sensitivity. You should wait for 3 hours at least. Though chances of an allergic reaction are rare, you should discontinue the use of the oil if you happen to see rashes, hives or any other allergic reaction.

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