Lose Weight With Noom Coach Weight Loss App


Lose Weight With Noom Coach Weight Loss App

Weight loss is a necessity these days and for that people need some assistance at some point of time. This assistance can be in the form of personal trainer at gym, at home, internet etc. But now a days we find so many apps in Play Store that we get confused which to download free and which one to buy. But my frantic search and research ended when I discovered “Noom Coach” Weight Loss App. Before I write anything else about it let me tell you that it comes for Android as well as i phones.

Lose Weight With Noom Coach Weight Loss App

Noom Coach

I am a very impatient person and want to get quick weight loss results so I liked this app because it gets all the tools and guidance you need to lose weight. “Noom Weight Loss Coach” is a sort of personalized coach that helps you form healthy habits through daily tasks, meal logging, and exercise tracking. It is very easy and quick to install.

noom coach motivates

It’s the best suited and most trusted weight loss solution for my Android phone. I have read in the reviews by the users that they have lost an average of 10 lbs in 2 months. Some lose a lot more than that too.

Why should you trust Noom Coach?

  • It coaches, challenges and motivates

noom coach new challange daily

This app doesn’t just track calories and workouts, it coaches the user. The app provides the encouragement and support users need to stay motivated right on their Android tablet or smartphone. Each day it gives people reminders to exercise and log meals and then throws in extra optional challenges, quizzes, suggestions and stories, based on how they’re doing. If, for example, you’re eating too much junk food, Weight Loss Coach can give you a quiz on fast food. If you tell Weight Loss Coach when you plan on going shopping, it will challenge you to take the stairs or ask you afterwards how many bags you carried. So much so good.

  • Easy to handle and set up

noom coach set up

Weight Loss Coach is easy to set up and lets people set their weight goals and allows people to log in their food intake and activity in a simple manner without making those endless entries on a daily basis. Rather here is an app that can dispense advice, tasks and tips based on a few entries. Its perfected search algorithm helps you log meals in seconds and color-coded logging tells you which foods are really healthy and which foods aren’t. It has a robust food database with nearly one million foods, including popular restaurants and local cuisines. Since it remembers your favorite foods for you, so makes logging even faster and easier.

  • Integrated pedometer

noom coach pedo meter

Its easy-to-use tools make it easy to log meals and workouts while the integrated pedometer counts steps all day, every day non stop without killing phone battery. (What a relief !) It eases exercise tracking, both indoor and outdoor making weight loss workouts fun to do.

noom coach walk log

Noom Coach is undoubtedly an effective app as 9 out of 10 active users lose an average of 10 lbs in 2 months. Its easy, effective, challenging, motivating and… Hello !! What else are you looking for in an app coach… 🙂

noom coach indoor challange

Millions of people worldwide are already using Noom Coach to enjoy healthier lives through intelligent nutrition and exercise coaching. As we know that initially weight loss is hard so here is a coach to keep the user motivated.

This user friendly app comes in two versions Free and Pro which is the paid one. So must try the free version and if you are satisfied upgrade to the Pro one.

Before I stop here is something I want to share with you all , words of wisdom by the recently departed soul of Maya Angelou.

I really like this one:

noom coach defeat

Hope this review will make you try the free version and lose weight with Noom Coach Weight Loss App.

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