Tips To Lose Weight With Smoothies!

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Lose Weight With Smoothies!

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Do you love drinking smoothies? If not, you will soon as a study has found that smoothies are more effective in helping you shed those unwanted kilos. Smoothies will not just help in getting rid of your belly fat but also reduce your work in the kitchen. It is relatively easier to blend in ingredients to a smoothie and have it as your meal! You won’t even have to worry about cleaning up later!

So, do all smoothies help you lose weight? Well, the answer to that would be a resounding NO! You need to follow a few simple rules to make your smoothie fat-blasting!

Lose weight with smoothies

Rule number 1: Use unsweetened nut milk

Avoid using dairy as the base of your smoothie. Build it with a base of nut milk which is organic and does not contain any added sweeteners, GMOs or preservatives. But why should you swap the regular milk with nut milk? The reason is that the sugar found in cow’s milk called lactose can lead to gas and bloating in some people. Also, another benefit of choosing nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk is that they are vegan and have many body-loving nutrients like selenium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc phosphorus and vitamin E. When you are getting so much from nut milk, why should you go in for dairy then?

Rule number 2: Add vegan protein powder

After choosing the nut-based milk you like, remember to add a scoop of protein powder to it so that it is more filling. However, it should be plant-based. It is best advised to add blends of pea, rice, soy (organic only) instead of a protein powder from a single plant. This way you will get all the amino acids required by the body making it possible to build your body and maintain lean muscle in your body. When you have more muscle you will burn more calories even while you are at rest. So, are you heading out to get your pack of plant-based protein powder? Wait till rule 3 at least!

Rule number 3: Blend in your favourite fruits and veggies

Once you have finalized the base nut milk and the plant-based protein, you simply need to make it power packed by adding the veggies and fruits you love.

When it comes to veggies for a smoothie, a spinach would be a good choice as it has both fibre and protein. Adding in a one banana for the extra potassium punch will make your smoothie a great post-workout drink! Adding an apple to it is also a good option if you want more fibre, even a pear would do!

Additionally, you can think of adding healthy fats to your smoothie too to make it wholesome. They will help in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins found in vegetables and fruits. You can add either add an avocado or some nuts to your smoothie. If you can handle the flavour of coconut oil, a tsp of that is also fine.

Follow the above and see how you start getting into shape! Of course, you need to burn calories too by working out right!

Hope you liked these Tips To Lose Weight With Smoothies!

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