Lose Weight With Tai Chi


Lose weight with Tai Chi

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I have observed that losing weight is a pretty difficult task for most people. The weighing scale needle doesn’t budge no matter how much you control your diet. It is here where one realizes that weight loss cannot occur only through diet control. Physical exercise is extremely essential for weight loss.

Tai chi for weight loss

Today I am going to discuss a martial art that helps in weight loss called Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a kind of martial art from China practised for both self defence and for the health benefits it has to offer. It has flowing and graceful body movements that are very much different from the cardio workout that is usually connected to weight loss. Actually Tai Chi can not only help you lose weight but also improve your health in general. Tai Chi is also apt for people from different walks of life. Let us find out how Tai Chi can help you reduce your waistline.

Tai Chi and weight loss

Tai Chi has slower moves unlike its sister martial arts like Kung Fu. The moves are more inclined towards meditation rather than mere kicks and jumps. It is regarded as a total body workout.

It gets you moving and makes you burn calories. 30-minutes of Tai Chi can burn around 150 calories for a person weighing 70 Kgs. You would burn the same amount of calories while walking at a moderate speed. You can burn more calories if you go in for activities like jogging. But over the weeks the number of calories burnt with the help of Tai Chi add up and result in weight loss. If you want to faster results, you need to combine your Tai Chi routine with a reasonably healthy diet.

Tai Chi has two different styles. The first style is called yang and the second style is called wu. If you want to opt for a challenging workout it would be better to go in for the yang style. As it is more physically demanding, yang style will aid weight loss. The second style wu doesn’t involve you physically to the extent yang style does.

Instead of watching DVDs and learning Tai Chi, it would be advisable to learn it from a good instructor so that you can discuss your weight loss needs with him/her.

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Tai Chi and Stress

Tai chi reduces stress if performed regularly. You know that there is a very close link between stress and weight gain. The more you feel stress the more kilos you pile up. There is a study to back this fact of stress. The study shows that reducing stress will have a positive effect on your weight. Apart from relieving stress it also claims to slow down aging! One solid reason to join Tai Chi classes 🙂

Tai Chi and metabolism

Tai Chi when practiced regularly stimulates the organs and body systems that have a vital role to play in the body’s metabolism. Tai Chi works wonders for both the body and mind.

Ready to lose weight with Tai Chi?

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