How to Lose Weight With Exercises?


Lose Weight With Exercises

Weight increasingly becomes a problem area for us the moment it becomes the pressure in our lives. Overweight leading to Obesity are two crucial factors in our health which if not taken care can lead to dangerous consequences.The need is to lose weight in particular areas:

Lose Weight with exercise

The youth and the working class due to their sedentary lifestyle in terms of job or home are making them inactive, mentally exhausted and lazy to carry out exercise after strenuous work hours or before work. It’s a pressure situation but can be handled!

We need to understand in the first place that it’s important to regularly be in a physically active mode. Doing regular physical activity can make you feel good about yourself and it can have a number of benefits for your health even if it’s for an hour or half an hour a day. For example;

  • It reduces the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, some cancers, type 2 diabetes and ‘thinning’ of the bones (osteoporosis)
  • Regular physical activity also helps to control weight and may help to ease stress, controls cholesterol and high blood pressure, bone & joint problems and especially mental health

Men and women gain weight differently on different areas

On an average women store between five and ten percent more fat than men, even though men consume proportionately more calories. Although women typically burn more calories than men during physical exercise, they don’t lose as much fat. The reason why women don’t lose much fat is because it enables them in a childbearing age.

It’s thus notable to understand the need for physical exercises and why it should make a difference in our lives.

lose weight with exercise

Why Physical Exercise is a must?

Adults should do a mixture of muscle strengthening activities and aerobics. A strict recommendation to spend less time sitting on your chairs (the sedentary lifestyle) and frequent walks in your office cubicle or outside, whenever possible. It’s proven, the more you stand in day helps you to burn more calories.

Losing weight in certain areas is a concern for most of us in our daily lives;

  • Aerobic activities are any activity that makes your heart and lungs work harder. If you are over the age of 65 you should still aim to do the same amount of aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening activity as younger adults, depending on your ability.
  • Engage in recreational activities (dance, plays, sport, swimming, football, cycling etc.) to keep yourself fit and exhaustion free. They increase mobility and help you function well.
  • If you are at the risk of putting on weight, Moderate-intensity physical activity like walking, jogging, cycling, badminton, tennis are normal activities which make you sweaty and help you burn the necessary calories in your abdomen, waistline and the lower side. Ideally, one should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on at least five days of the week
  • Pilates, yoga or similar resistance exercises helps you to gain muscle strength, improves flexibility & balance of your chest/bust area
  • A session at a gym should be a minimum of 8-10 exercises using the major muscle groups. Ideally, to help build up your muscle strength, use some sort of resistance (such as a weight for arm exercises) and do 8-12 repetitions of each exercise

If you have a problem or medical condition that you are worried, please consult your doctor before taking up on any physical activity.

Hope you will lose weight easily with exercise!

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