Why Losing Weight Is Difficult After Regaining It?


Why Losing Weight Is Difficult After Regaining It?

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You would have noticed that it is very difficult to lose weight all over again each time you gain it back. You might be thinking that it is your fault; stop thinking so! There a solid physiological reason behind thus. Let us explore the reason together.

Seeing fast results can boost one’s self esteem and being on a restrictive diet helps in rapid loss of weight. But the flip side is that being on a restricted diet and losing weight rapidly impacts the hunger hormones. It is not just that it is mentally and physically harder to lose weight again, but that your hunger hormones will work against you.

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Severe calorie restriction and extreme dieting can decrease the levels of leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full), and increases ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates hunger). But what to worry about is that the hormones behave the same way even after the diet is over and you are back to normal eating. This makes you not as satisfied as you were before dieting. You end up eating more and gaining weight. And this has been confirmed by a study.

What should be done?

You have to be a careful dieter to avoid disrupting your hunger hormones. Avoid completely eliminating entire food groups and blindly following diet plans that have worked for a friend or for a celebrity. Remember, everybody is unique, what works for one may not work for another. It is advisable to make small changes in the existing diet instead of completely changing it. Exercising is another factor that can regulate the war of hunger hormones. So, keep moving.

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If you have regained lost weight here is what you should be doing-

  • Admit it that your weight is more than you are comfortable with and write it down in your diary (if you maintain one).
  • Study your eating pattern. Find out whether your portion size has increased or you have been eating more of high calorie stuff.
  • The healthy habits that enabled weight loss should be followed again. If your earlier eating habits and exercise routine worked for you, they will work again for this time.
  • Don’t spend too much time pondering over the problem. If you think too much you will not be able to arrive at a conclusion.

Make friends with food

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Over a period of time, the cycle of weight loss and weight gain, restricted dieting and overeating, can make one develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Food should be viewed as a source of energy and nourishment and not a mere pawn to help you lose weight. The relation with food becomes stressful and you might get obsessed with weight loss. One can develop food fear too! Has this ever happened to you? The best way out is to make friends with food. Look at it as a fuel that runs your body and to run it well you are pouring in the best fuel. This directly means that to stay fit and healthy you are eating healthy too.

What is important is ‘you’!

You shouldn’t be scrutinizing yourself too much. Just go easy on yourself. Find out what you actually want. Is your aim to knock off the stubborn extra kilos or is it to look good? If you love yourself truly, no amount of diet or cardio training can replace that feeling. You are more than your body! Keep thinking positively and surround yourself with your loved ones, who are the people who actually support you and care for you.

No matter how you look, the attitude in you should be right. This planet is full of people of different sizes and shapes. Just focus on being fit instead of thinking too much about your figure.

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