How Losing Weight Makes You Happier


How Losing Weight Makes You Happier

Hello Fitness Freaks,

I am writing after a while and this is a heartfelt post for me! I am not someone who was very fit all my life and when I look back at that period of time, I consider my ignorance to be the primary reason for all the extra bulge I had! Losing weight to become size zero or fit in a body hugging dress was never my aim nor will it ever be! Losing weight just as per my body frame and keeping a close watch on the obesity related health issues like thyroid, hormonal diseases like PCOD etc. is what I think to be the guiding factor of my weight loss journey! I don’t want to go back to the same old self and let go all the hard work and health routine in vain!

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I believe losing weight makes you feel better about yourself and whatever weightloss you have experienced certainly boosts up your well being! If you are following a healthy diet then your metabolic activities are all working fine and you can be happy about your efforts going in the right direction!


For a women it is surely a great compliment when one admires you for being so fit and disciplined with the diet and lifestyle! Losing weight should not be an obsession because in that case initially the motivation level is too high and gradually things start to loosen up and the excitement is all gone! Well, actually losing should be more fun as it is not a race or competition that you want to lose weight in a short span of time and then struggle hard in keeping the weight on a balance and maintaining it!

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Losing weight has also helped me a lot in working upon my daily routine in a healthy way! It gives a positive attitude to the self and you believe everything is possible with hard work and determination! There are occasional episodes when you feel you are missing out on certain things but trust me it is all worth it at the end of the day!

If you are someone who is over weight then self confidence is not the only thing your are lacking but you are vulnerable to a number of other negative things like like of concentration, a positive approach and a carefree attitude!

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Every body needs to have a fix proportion of mass as per the height and if there is an imbalance it leads to create certain common health issues like dancing level of hormones, joint pain, lethargy, low self-confidence and many more issues which gradually become acute issues in the life of a person!

So far, losing weight has been a life changing experience for me and I have experienced a drastic change in my lifestyle and way of thinking towards fitness! Now it is more than shedding few kilos off my body! It is so much more than that!

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So, guys buck up and search for your guiding force for a better and fit life and get rid of the extra baggage you are carrying!

What do you think about happiness after losing weight?

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