Losing Weight When Genes Work Against You

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Losing Weight When Genes Work Against You

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Whenever someone says that I look like my mom, I feel elated! It is a compliment for me! Isn’t it great to inherit the best things of your parents? But what if someone inherits his/her parents tendency to be overweight? Even that can happen, right?

How To Handle Self Esteem Issues Being Overweight

The exact influence of genes on one’s weight is a topic of hot debate today but we know that genes play do play a huge role. A lot of research is being done in this line. For instance, in a pair of identical twins (they share 100 percent of their gene) it is more likely that they have the same BMI (Body Mass Index) than a pair of fraternal twins (they share 50% of their genes). Families have been studied and it has been found that the variation in the populations BMI is due to genetic differences in individuals.

We all say that genes are all about fate and we have no control over them. That is quite not right! DNA is not destiny! The percentage of obese individuals has risen in a dramatic fashion but the genomes have not changed! Do you know that obesity has increased from 11.6 % in 1990 to 29.4 % in 2014. So much in 24 years!! This has happened not because of the change in DNA of us humans but due to the evolution of our environment.

A study has found that obesity can be reduced by about 40 % with exercise. 40 percent!! That is real good news!! I hear most people whine that they have weight issues due to their parent’s overweight genes. Now you better stop saying that!! Tell me honestly, do you do the recommended 150 to 300 minutes’ exercise in a week? No, right? You may even argue that your parents never went to the gym so why should you? Well, back then when they were in their prime they used to carry out a lot of activities that involved them physically. They used to walk kilometers to board their bus. Even today people do that but most of us are leading sedentary lifestyles when compared to the previous generation. Nowadays most white collared jobs are about clickety click click… I mean clicking the computer keys!

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Okay, believed you are into fitness and workout regularly. But even if you do work out a bit, how often do you change your exercise routine? When you do the same set of exercises, you adapt yourself to it and don’t boost your metabolism. You might be knowing that compared to fat, muscle is more efficient when it comes to metabolizing calories. This means that you should be including strength training in your exercise routine.

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Along with exercise one has to follow a healthy diet too. Exercise and diet complement each other. Health experts recommend that one has to cut sugar, as it is linked to diseases and conditions related to obesity. Interestingly many of the diseases are genetic. In one study it has been said that consuming beverages sweetened with sugar increases the link between genes and a high BMI. It also increases the risk of obesity.

What does all this say? This post says that no matter what your genes are, you have the control over your habits. Every one of us is unique and different in our own way. You might need to work harder than others to achieve what you want but this does not mean you are not capable of changing the number on the scale.

Still feel that you don’t have control over your genes when it comes to obesity?

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