Losing Weight While Socializing With Friends


Losing Weight While Socializing With Friends

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Popular belief says that one’s social life gets affected when he or she is on a weight loss spree. Isn’t it always said that hanging out with friends means downing extra calories!! It appears as though spending quality time with friends is bound to hamper your weight loss progress. This is not completely true! You can turn the tide in your favor! How? Read on to find out!

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Friends can be a source of motivation when it comes to healthy living. Friends support you through the thick and thin of life. Be it family drama, relationship ups and downs they are always there for you. If they are able to support you through all that, why wouldn’t they support you in achieving your weight loss goals?

Here are some out of the best ways of losing weight while socializing with friends.

  • Friends’ night out at the studio

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Instead of the usual dinner meet you can try a hand at some interesting workout offered by workout studios. It can be indoor cycling, boot camps or rowing to begin with. This shift from your usual usual workout routine will promote weight loss as you are challenging the muscles of your body. It would be good if you and your friends choose the same studio every week. It would be hang out with a difference! Post workout you can have a healthy meal with lots of veggies and lean protein. After a month you can move onto some other workout in a different studio. Being in a group will nullify your feeling of being a newbie in class.

  • Start a cooking club

You can take the initiative and host a healthy cooking club! There can be a theme or a main ingredient that has to be used to make the dishes. You can also choose a particular cuisine. Cooking at home has its own advantages as you will use healthy ingredients and be able to control your portions. This way you can eat healthy and have loads of fun with your friends.

  • Join a healthy cooking class

Bored of the same old menu? It is time to join a cooking class. It can be a paleo class, vegan class or anything healthy! It would be great if you can rope in your friends too, but if not it is alright. What all you learn at the special cooking class can anyway be introduced in the cooking club and you can have a great time with your friends!

  • Girls’ getaway!

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You can have a fun-filled girl’s getaway! Travelling is always rejuvenating. There are so many options from which you can choose. You can visit a Yoga retreat like how Swati did. Read more about that here. Even going to the beach is a good idea but you shouldn’t just watch the waves; you should do something adventurous and active like playing beach volleyball. If it can’t be a full-fledged fitness vacation just spend a day at the spa getting pampered with your friends. Have healthy food and comeback home!

  • Support a cause

It feels good to do something for a social cause. There are a lot of marathons and walkathons that support a cause. Call your friends and support a cause that is close to your heart. You will be making the world a better place along with losing weight!

Ready to lose weight while socializing with friends?