Losing Weight With Naturopathy


Losing Weight With Naturopathy

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There are many ways of losing weight but if you want to enhance your health along with weight loss, you should try Naturopathy. Naturopathy is the science of healing the body naturally. It is a system of healing that involves the body, mind and spirit. The body’s healing power gets stimulated and it treats the underlying cause of illness without the usage of drugs.

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Naturopathy for weight loss

You might have gained weight due to excess intake of calories and lack of exercise. The logic behind weight loss is simple – consumption of less calories and expenditure of more, according to naturopaths. In fact every health expert has the same thing to say about weight loss.

Naturopathy treatment is not the same for everybody, it varies from individual to individual. That being said, naturopaths delve deeper into the roots cause of your disorder (weight gain and obesity). The major causes of weight gain are:

  • Insulin resistance or imbalance in blood sugar
  • Thyroid problems
  • Poor liver function
  • Low amount of stomach acid
  • Insufficient consumption of good fats

There are other emotional causes like stress and depression that lead to weight gain. The naturopathic doctor will get deep into your medical history, your family’s medical history, physical, emotional and mental condition, sleeping patterns, exposure to toxins. Along with all that, you may be asked to get some medical tests done.

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It is important to first be healthy and then go in for weight loss. You need to heal the metabolism for fat loss to occur.

Based on how out of balance you are, your naturopathic doctor will chalk out a plan for you as follows:

  • A balanced diet in order to improve sensitivity.
  • Nutrient supplementation to help rebuild structural proteins and fats.
  • Getting sufficient sleep as body repairing hormones are released when you are asleep.
  • Managing stress and dealing with issues like self-image, emotional bonds with food and state of mind while eating.

To develop a treatment program it is essential to understand the stress levels. Stress influences sleeping patterns, food choices, insulin and glucose levels, digestion and assimilation of food. All of these affect your body weight.

Your doctor will guide you with self-awareness, self acceptance and the ability to change. For instance, the doctor will ask you pay attention to your eating pattern while watching TV or on the run. Once you begin paying attention, you will be advised to do breathing exercises or learn mindfulness meditation. This just a small example about how the doctor will go about your treatment.

Your naturopathy doctor will also chart out a diet plan, create an exercise regime and prescribe medicinal herbs as well as supplements to you.

Common herbs used for weight loss

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Even fenugreek, cinnamon, bilberry, vitamin C, omega 3, green tea and green coffee can be useful for weight loss.

Naturopathy’s side effects

Certain medicinal herbs that help in weight loss can have an adverse reaction in some individuals. Bitter gourd can stimulate periods and induce abortion, so it is a clear no for mothers to be. In some it may reduce blood sugar levels drastically and this is not a good sign. People with poor liver function should also avoid bitter gourd.

Another example is chromium supplement. Even though it is safe, it is not advisable for people with kidney or liver disease.

This means that you should use herbs that are prescribed by the doctor even if they seem to be safe like green tea and omega 3.

How fast can you see results?

You will be advised a steady weight loss of 450 g to 900 g per week. The total period to lose weight depends on the number of kilos you want to lose. After that there is a maintenance period and at the end of which it will become your lifestyle.

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