Losing Weight With Water- How Much Water Do You Need To Shed Kilos?


Losing Weight With Water- How Much Water Do You Need To Shed Kilos?

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Losing weight is like waging a war! Literally 😉 Things can get very tricky. However, there are simple ways of losing weight too. Just get into the kitchen and open your fridge. Stored in bottles lies your elixir of life! Yup, it is water! When you drink a certain amount of water throughout the day, your appetite gets suppressed, this will make you eat less and assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. This doesn’t mean that you can rely on water alone to get slim. You need to eat smaller portions of healthy food and exercise on a regular basis to see actual results!

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Total daily consumption of water

The exact amount of water your body requires varies depending on your gender, level of activity and current health state. Usually women require 9 glasses of water whereas men need 13 glasses (8 ounce glasses).

All the beverages are taken into account for fluid intake. Water is the only fluid that is calorie free liquid. You can minus calories when you drink water instead of sugary soft drinks and teas.

Can you lose weight by drinking cold water

Drinking water before a meal

It is not just about how much water you drink in a day, the timing of drinking water is also important. You must guzzle down a couple of glasses before you pull up a seat at your dining table for a home cooked meal or when you reserve your seat at the cafe. When you fill your belly with two glasses of water 20 -30 minutes prior to your meal, it will make you feel full. As you will feel less hungry, you are bound to wind up soon by consuming 75 to 90 fewer calories at the meal. Doing this thrice a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner will help you cut 225 to 270 calories from your diet. Not bad at all!!

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What to expect?

Research has been done in this regard in the year 2010. Reserchers divided adults into 2 different weight loss groups. Both the groups were asked to follow a strict low calorie diet during the 12 week study but one group was asked to drink two glasses of water prior to every mean each day. The group that drank water lost 15.5 pounds on an average whereas the other group that didn’t drink water before each meal lost just 11 pounds over the time period. During the 12 week period, researchers observed that by drinking a little water before having meals will help you in losing an additional 5 pounds.

What the research shows is quite promising! It is an easy to follow tip too with no side effects. Those who are just a little overweight can easily shed weight by drinking water before meals.

Drinking flavoured water


If you are not used to drinking excess of water, you might feel uncomfortable or bored with the sudden increase in consumption. The best way out is to flavour your water. You can add fresh lemon, slices of sweet lime or oranges into a pitcher of water at home and keep it in your refrigerator. For extra zing, you can add herbs like basil, thyme or rosemary. You can read about flavoured water here- click. There might be flavour powders available in a store near you. But you have to ensure that they don’t have added sugar or you will be downing unnecessary calories.

So, drink water and be merry!

Hope this post on losing weight with water has been useful!

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