Lotus Root Fry Recipe-Quick Indian Snack

lotus root fry recipe

Lotus Root Fry Recipe-Quick Indian Snack

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I was craving for french fries but didn’t want to have the potatoes so subsisted it with lotus root. In north very few families use this veggy therefore I thought let you know bit about it. Today we present to you Lotus Root Fry Recipe-Quick Indian Snack.

Lotus Root lies beneath the water surface of the plant and is a fleshy, cylindrical structure with hollow holes all along the end. Lotus roots are used for many culinary purposes due to its tangy flavor and the crunchy texture makes it quite suitable for using it as salad or with any other vegetable like cabbage.

Lotus root is basically a rhizome which is edible and has a unique taste. They are obtained from Lotus plants which are aquatic and grow in perennial source of water like a pond. The plants remain submerged in the water throughout. Lotus plant is grown for many purposes and because its roots are edible, they are grown particularly for the edible part too!

Lotus Roots are believed to be rich sources of vitamins like C & B6, Minerals like Phosphorus, manganese, copper and most importantly they are very low in saturated fat content which makes it a staple food to be consumed by human beings for a healthy living.

Health Benefits of Eating Lotus Root-

  • Vitamin constituent in lotus root is great for the overall immune system of the body. Vitamin C aids the body in skin healing, preventing cell damage, stimulating proper functioning of the lungs. In addition to this, Vitamin C also helps in strengthening the gums and maintains proper dental health.
  • Since lotus root counts as good dietary fiber it makes it a really important food as it regulates the level of blood glucose and also maintains the cholesterol level.
  • Lotus root is quite rich in the mineral component which enables the body to fight again heart problems like high blood pressure, fatigue etc.
  • This is one of the moderate calorific food and counts as one of the healthy root vegetables which has so many essential nutrients.

Lotus Root Fry Recipe-Quick Indian Snack

Mostly, rhizomes are modified tubers and so are these edible roots. Lotus always grows in still & swampy pond water and these rhizomes tend to store energy in the form of starch. This is what makes it edible and suitable for human use.

Here, I am sharing a quickly prepared Lotus Root Fry recipe which I happened to make a few days ago. I was longing for a  crunchy snack so I prepared this. Here is the ingredient list for this recipe-


  • 100g Fresh Lotus Root ( peeled & sliced into thin pieces)
  • 2 tbsp oil of your choice
  • 1 Red chilli (optional)
  • Salt

Method of Preparation-

Take lotus root and boil it. I like to pressure cook it and give it 2-3 whistle. If your lotus root is not fresh then you might need more whistle.

In another pan add oil and when the oil is hot  add sliced lotus roots and stir-fry for about 4-5 minutes or until crisp .

Add salt and red chilli powder  and the dish is ready to be served.

Enjoy the crunchy Lotus Root snack anytime you like!

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