Love Thy Food To Lose Weight


Love Thy Food To Lose Weight


Love Thy Food To Lose Weight

Oh Yeah! We have all been there…. The dreaded “D” word! D.I.E.T. (Notice how it’s got a DIE in it?) there is something about this word that makes you cringe, Well most of us mortals do. For example, me, whenever I think of dieting now, somehow I crave all the things which are banned to eat according to the diet plan.

Love-Hate relation with Diet Plans

I have this Love-Hate relation with Diet Plans, I have been on many, the cabbage soup diet; it’s also called general motors’ cause it was planned for General Motors Company employees to lose weight. Don’t know if they did lose it or not but I sure did lose my mind over it.  Let’s not get into the details but to cut a long story short I lost 4 kg in a week (YAY!) as soon as I got off this diet I gained 6kg straight (BOO).  This was followed by high proteins low carbs diet, no dinner diet, fasting for Navratri (yes this was also a diet of sorts); all resulted in losing a few and gaining a lot of weight.

GM diet

Don’t be judgmental, I did consult a good dietician after a string of diets off the internet.  I was subject to juices in morning the smell of which I couldn’t stand;(how I consumed them is a different story). From herbal pills to high fiber flours to make roti, my day revolved around what to eat and what tablet to take at what time, constant thought of food but “diet”  approved variety. But I kept at it, well most of the times I did, it kind of paid off . But as soon as the course was over I gained around 3 kg back… My mom was in with me on this diet… we both went to the dietician and kept up the straight face when we had to say No to desserts at functions, she lost around 5-7 kg as well, but just like me she gained it all back. The only difference between the Diets of the internet and the certified dietician plans was I gained back the weight which I lost during the diet; with the ones off the internet I gained back more than what I lost but with the dietician I just gained back what I lost. (I can imagine her reading this post and being like “see… At least you didn’t gain back more… “I would dread my visits to her), they don’t understand what it is like to be fat and face a diet, yes am fat because I love food and you are making me hate what I love… It’s kind of dictatorship we fat people have to face (sigh).

Break the pattern

After years of on-off diet phase I noticed a something wonderful after all, of all the diet plans I tried, the ones with high fiber, medium amount of proteins and low fat and carbs helped me lose weight. Also, I hired a personal trainer at the gym, every morning 1 hour of killer workouts and a balanced diet helped me lose weight, 20 kg to be precise.

It’s not like I wasn’t working out earlier; I did, religiously, but the diet thing just made things work against the plan, it would make me feel famished and irritated, I would eat something disallowed as a defense mechanism and gain weight, this was the pattern. So, you just need to break the pattern?! Yes, you sure do. It worked for me and it will work for you as well, We are all different, how can we eat according to a specific diet? We need to eat what our body craves. I come from Goa, where rice is a staple and I crave rice whenever low on energy, earlier I would not eat it and just feel dissatisfied with my food. Now I do have rice, without the feeling of guilt. I have a chocolate too when I want. And yes am still losing weight. It’s no miracle, it’s just the love you show to your body, and it loves you back. Eating should not be so complicated, it’s so basic; You feel Hungry You Eat, it’s that easy.

The body needs various nutrients to function, let’s not abuse it with the fad diets doing the rounds, understanding your comfort food and making it work for your body makes a big difference to your health. The only trick here is portion control. Too much of anything is bad for you. Just keep a track of what goes into your mouth, you know what they say. “A moment on lips… forever on hips”

exercise you love and hate

Do you think its a good idea to love thy food to lose weight?

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