Can A Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer?

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Can A Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer? Find Out!

Have you heard of people suggesting – ‘Wine is good. Have a glass of red wine every day and you may live longer’. The Fountain of Youth may not be a myth after all. The theory that fewer calories lead to a longer life dates as far back as the 18th century Japanese philosopher and scientist Kaibara Ekiken. He lived to be 84, which was twice the average life expectancy at the time he died.

Low calorie, Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer

New research suggests that fewer calories means more years of life, but not all scientists are convinced. A chemical found in wine, resveratrol, has been shown to stimulate sirtuins, which is why red wine is believed to help you live longer. Research has also linked increased sirtuin production to low-calorie diets. If a high-calorie diet can cause obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and more, doesn’t it stand to reason that a low-calorie diet can reduce a person’s risk of dying prematurely?

Certainly, a low calorie diet can do you well than a high calorie one helps in good metabolism, life expansion and delay in aging. Eating less can boost healthier ageing by protecting the body’s cells from harmful deterioration and the risk of cancer. Scientists know an extreme diet does not appeal to many people but say their discovery could lead to ways of mimicking its effects and pave the way for an “anti-ageing pill”.

Caloric restriction may have its evolutionary roots as a survival mechanism allowing species to survive on scraps when food is scarce in order to continue to reproduce. But that restriction only has lasting positive effects if the overall diet is a balanced one, which may not always be the case in conditions of famine. (That also explains why anorexia is so unhealthy:  people who starve themselves become malnourished). It’s possible the strategy developed as a way to protect species from consuming toxic plants or foods, when it wasn’t always obvious which sources were verboten.

Impact of a low-calorie diet

Weight Loss, Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer

  • People who restrict calories or combine diets with exercise usually improve their blood pressure, body fat and cholesterol levels, heart rate and weight. These factors cut the risk of chronic diseases. Of course everything comes with a side effect. They include reduced bone density, memory loss, dizziness and depression
  • A certain study in 2012 found that a low calorie diet can slow down ageing and ward off diabetes, cancer and dementia. Other studies have pointed to the need to cut food intake by about 40 per cent to live 20 to 30 per cent longer
  • When you’re on a low-calorie diet, it usually means getting 800 and 1,500 calories a day. A low calorie diet does help you stay fit and leads to weight loss

When you start a low calorie diet you may feel hunger pangs all day long.The trick is to keep filling yourself with plenty of healthy foods and meal combinations to help you feel full without breaking your calorie bank. If you are eating healthy and yet maintaining a low calorie diet to achieve a certain weight loss you are bound to achieve one and a fitter one. Not sure of the life expectancy though but certainly holds a promise for a good and enriching life.

Always consult your doctor/nutritionist while planning your low calorie diet.

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