Low Carb Cheese Crackers-30 Seconds Microwave Recipe


Low Carb Cheese Crackers-30 Seconds Microwave Recipe

Hello Everyone,

The last week – No junk challenge week has been pretty good. I learn a lot of things which were a result of desperation 😛 . I tried these Cheese crackers with no intention of preparing them. I was yearning for cheese sauce and nachos 🙁 , I just love Mexican food ! So of course when you can’t have nachos, not even 1 of it 😛 , what’s the point of making cheese sauce. And let me tell you, I am bored of snacking on cheese. And as a result of desperation and frustration, this recipe happened.

Actually this is not a recipe, just 4 steps and 3 ingredients that are as below –

  • Cheese
  • Oregano
  • Salt – optional

Low Carb Cheese Crackers-30 Seconds Microwave Recipe

1. Take a cheese slice or cut a slice from block of cheese. Place it in a microwave safe bowl. Prefer a square shaped bowl or the one which has a broader base. If you are using processed cheese which already has salt in it, skip salt else sprinke a bit of salt on the cheese slice.

2. Sprinkle oregano seasoning on the cheese slice

3. Microwave for 30 seconds. I have a 800 watt microwave. If yours is a 1000 watt or more, reduce the time.

4. Touch the cheese cracker to check if its nice and crispy. Let it cool for a few seconds and use knife to pull cheese cracker out of the bowl.

cheese crackers microwave

Tip – If you like brown crispy cheese crackers, microwave for 50 seconds in a 800 watt microwave.  Let’s see they how they look like!

microwave cheese crackers (1)

A closer look!

microwave cheese crackers (2)

These are absolutely heavenly! You can have them alone or with tea/coffee! Its a must try for every low carber since it does not add any additional carbs, just the carbs that cheese has!

Do try this no nonsense super quick Low Carb Cheese Crackers-30 Seconds Microwave Recipe! Let me know if you like it 🙂



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