Low Carb Deviled Eggs Recipe


Low Carb Deviled Eggs Recipe-

Hey everyone!

Today we bring forth a high protein recipe which so serve as starters in the food course. This recipe includes mainly eggs, so people who are fond of eggs will find this recipe unique & interesting.Also, for low carb  followers its a a different way to introduce eggs in their diet .Eating same types of eggs just bore me to death so I keep looking for ways to make them interesting.You can check out 5 low carb egg recipes here.

Lets move on to tell you the simple recipe of this Egg Dish which for some reason is named as Deviled Eggs.

devil egg recipe

For Deviled Eggs one will need-

  • Properly boiled eggs
  • Mayonnaise (Check out how to make Mayonnaise at home here)
  • Mustard (any yellow, Dijon or spicy brown etc.)
  • Seasonings like salt, pepper, paprika etc.

Method of preparation- Deviled Eggs

The boiled eggs are taken and peeled first and sliced in half pieces. The yolks are removed in a separate bowl and is mixed with other ingredients including mayonnaise. The mixture is whisked enough to make it a smooth creamy batter. Now with the help of a spoon the mixture is put in the egg white slices and pepper and seasoning are sprinkled. One can also pour the creamy batter in a zipper bag, seal it properly & cut an edge off to give a neat filling of the mayonnaise mixture in the egg halves.

So this was as simple and less time consuming too. One can make as many deviled eggs given that the mayonnaise mixture is prepared all together for a batch of eggs.

The amount of carb content can be easily inferred by considering two egg halves equivalent to one.

 Hope you like the simple low carb deviled eggs recipe 🙂

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