Low Carb Diet As The Mental Health Diet


world mental health dayToday is World Mental Health Day and its right time to think if there is any relation between a low carbohydrate diet and a healthy mind. So lets analyse and see what is a proven theory about mental health and low carbohydrate diet.

Low Carb Diet As The Mental Health Diet

low carb foodI had been a lover of high carbohydrate diet through out my life and when one fine day I shifted my food preferences and moved on towards a low carb diet I realised that I was less stressed out and feeling less depressed. At that point of time I thought that I was feeling better as I was losing weight but later on while going through the positive effects of a low carb diet I realised that my getting off from anti depressents was all due to my new way of eating. It was nothing short of a miracle. So, today on World Mental Health day I am going to share the health benefits of low carb diet or a ketogenic diet in the realm of mental health.

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet And The Science Behind It 4There is nothing new about Ketogenic Diet that you followers of our blog don’t know about. Read about Ketogenic Diet here.

A Ketogenic diet is all about restricting the carb intake to not more than 20 to 50 g a day. A basic good rule of thumb is to follow the 60/35/5 rule in which 60 per cent of calories come from fat, 35 per cent from protein, and five per cent from carbs. There are other ways too like depicted in the picture 75-20-5. Meat, fish, dairy, nuts and greens top of the list of lowest carb foods.

When we think of the word diet we just think in terms of weight loss or a good skin or even hair; but has any one ever thought of the effect of your way of eating on your brain? No I am sure not many of us have got that good brains. 😛 Fact is that what we eat makes or breaks our brain or to be specific mental state. The whole world accepts today that the Ketogenic diet which can also be called the low-carb, high-protein Atkins or Paleo diet are clear winners in the field of lever lasting healthy weight loss as well as a healthy mind. Not only that scientists have proven that Ketogenic diets show promising results in the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. Isn’t it amazing?

And yes I am a living example for this fact as I told you earlier that I had been battling depression before adopting the Ketogenic diet in a bid to lose weight. My biggest surprise came when I not only shed 30 kilos of weight (read my story here) but also got back my happy and healthy mindset.

Mental ailments and Low Carb Diet

The low carb Ketogenic diet was even being used in 500 BC for treating seizures. The research has shown that the shift from high to low carb diet results in an up to 90 per cent decrease in seizures for patients with epilepsy. The effective results have also shown to help with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even cancer. Scientists have pointed out that many of the drugs supposed to help with bipolar depression have anti-seizure properties, which establishes a link between the high-fat, low-carb diet and its effects on the brain. And by the way not just health experts have been appreciating the Atkins and Ketogenic diets, but also a number of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore call themselves the biggest fans of this WOE. Kim Kardashian famously credited the Low carb, Ketogenic meal plans for helping her shed 50 pounds of baby weight in just five months.

kim low carb

Most people agree that diet has a lot to do with the development of obesity and diabetes, yet many of them also disagree that our way of eating has a lot to do with our mental health and over all outlook about life. The modern High Carb low protein and lowest fat diet it seems is the culprit behind the increase in the cases of multiple brain ailments. We have seen the ill effects of such dietery ways so would there be any harm in changing the way you had been eating for years and suffering mentally, physically as well as psychologically? If a bit of change in the normal way of eating has the potential to bring about big, real big changes so what is the harm?

Why Low Carb Diets work?

low carb and mental health

The Low carb ketogenic diet has a very beneficial effect on mental disorders because of a very simple reason that it eliminates the sugars, wheat and other grains which are known to effect mental and neurological health. Not only that, it also increases healthy fat intake which helps in making the brain healthy.

In fact, sticking to a low carb, ketogenic diet has been shown to be an effective depression treatment, because it gets you off the blood sugar roller coaster associated with a high carb diet.

A Low carb diet is potent enough to relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia, and various recent studies show that ketosis is excellent for those with bipolar disorder. There is another The GAPS diet, which is another version of a grain free, lower carb diet which is being utilized very successfully to treat ADHD, autism, and other neurological disorders. Who doesn’t know that the brain thrives on a fat-rich, low-carbohydrate diet along with the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids which do a lot to enhance mood and degenerating mental state.

What should you do?

While  following any of the low carb diet plans you should limit yourself to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day and eat a diet rich in greens, meats, dairy, fish and nuts. While eating out please skip the fries and ask for a salad instead. Read here how to eat out when on a diet.

Any way of eating which helps in eating rich food with unprocessed fats and proteins will always help you loss weight and also boost your mood along with lowering your blood sugar. So if you want to stay safe from depression, bipolar, high blood sugar and wish to help anyone who is already suffering from mental afflictions then Low Carb Ketogenic Diets are a way to go.

So are you going to start a Low Carb Diet for a healthy brain?

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