Low Carb Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe


You might have read about home made sour cream, if you missed, read it here. Another great dip for salads, chips or kababs is Mayonnaise. But Mayonnaise that is available in the market has too  many carbs and its processed as well. I am sharing a recipe that will rejoice weight watchers for sure !

Low Carb Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe

Low Carb Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe


  • Cream cheese – 50 gm

  • Cheese spread – 20 gms

  • Heavy cream – 60 gms

  • Curd – 50 gms

  • Mustard powder – 1 tsp

  • Olive oil – 3 tbsp

  • Sunflower oil – 20 ml

  • Salt and Pepper according to taste

  • Stevia – 2 gm

  • Vinegar – 1tbsp


Blend everything except oils well. Keep adding oils slowly while blending. Let it thicken well. Store in refrigerator.

This makes more than 200 gm of dressing with

  • calories – 1006
  • carbs- 10gm in more than 200 gms

This is the best dip for your Salads, roasted veggies or even Green Chips 🙂 . I have shared the recipe of home made low carb Green Chips here.

Low Carb Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe1

Try this eggless mayonnaise and let me know if you liked it 🙂

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    • Ana earlier I used full cream generic buffalo milk malai to make heavy cream at home bt now I use amul fresh cream. I use whichever oil is available..have made once with olive oil too.anything zero carb works…

    • No issues Mitha the paneer that we make at home when it is not set is cream cheese—- if you buy from the market Paneer then you can add half tsp curd in it and blend in the mixie— bingo– your cream cheese is ready. ::)

      • Thanks Kanan . I shall try that soon. eventhough I love mayon naise, being a vegeterian I dont make this at home. but this eggles mayonaise is a boon to me

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