5 Low Carb Fruits To Eat In India


5 Low Carb Fruits To Eat In India

Most of the people in India do think that fruits are super healthy and they aid weight loss too. But do all fruits lead to weight loss? Hell no! Ask any Indian, he/she would curse banana for it’s blamed for weight gain. However, mango still continues to be enjoyed by Indians despite it being one of the most trouble causing fruit too. It’s extremely sweet, high in carbs, causes pimples and weight gain too. It is nutritious as well, but that’s a different story.

Fruits are very debatable in low carb or ketogenic diet. People who are strict low carbers and wish to keep their net carbs below 20grams a day, fruits are no no for them. People who go up to 50 grams net carbs a day can afford to have one or two servings of fruit a day. So what Low Carb Fruits To Eat In India? Let’s see!



Summers are on the door. Its pretty hot here in Bangalore already, duh! Lemon is a great antioxidant and is very refreshing in summers. 1 lemon would have 5-6 net carbs. You can easily make 2 glasses of lemon water with 1 lemon. It fits the Indian low carb diet easily.


Strawberry for weight loss

This is my favorite fruit! You can have strawberries in whipped cream for a heavenly dessert. Or make a strawberry smoothie with coconut milk with breakfast or just enjoy a few strawberries as snack. 1 cup strawberries contain 7-8 grams net carbs. You can easily have half a cup everyday if you wish


Kiwi fruit- top 6 winter foods

Kiwi is super expensive in India. It’s not easily available in small cities and hence not very popular in Indian households. I like the taste but not the appearance of this fruit: P . 1 medium sized kiwi contains 9-10 grams net carbs.  You can have half a fruit in a day  if you get your hands on it!


Orange- for diabetics

Orange is such a versatile fruit. Although its yield comes in winter but its available all-round the year, thanks to cold storages  . 1 medium orange has about 12-13 grams net carbs. Orange juice is super yummy but its net carbs would be way higher since you throw off the fiber. Hence, eating whole fruit is advisable in a low carb regime.


blueberry fo weight loss

Blueberries are again exotic fruits, not readily available in small cities. 1 cup of blueberries contains almost 17-18 grams net carbs. So, strawberries and blueberries i.e. berry sisters are awesome fruits on low carb! You need not have 1 cup daily, 1-2 berries would make sure your sweet tooth is satiated and you don’t go overboard with your daily carb target.

Apart from these 5 fruits, you can have apple.  1 medium apple contains 20-21 grams net carbs. Use half an apple in a smoothie and it’s a wholesome breakfast. You could also use pineapple, 1 cup contains 19-20 grams net carbs.

So pretty much 7-8 Low Carb Fruits To Eat In India, not a bad deal 😉 . So go ahead and include these fruits in your Indian low carb lifestyle

See you again soon!



Will you include these low carb fruits in your diet?

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