Low Carb High Fat Cheese Sauce Recipe


Low Carb High Fat Cheese Sauce Recipe

Hello Everyone,

You know how heaven looks like? It looks something like this!

low carb high fat cheese sauce

If you think its curd with some yellow thing, I say NO 😛 . Its heavenly cheese sauce! People who follow low carb way of eating would know what cheese means to them 😀 .

When I first tried to prepare cheese sauce, I youtubed a lot of recipes. All of them use some kind of flour. In my first trial, I used all purpose flour for thickening the sauce. The taste of the flour was very evident in the sauce, yuckkk ! In my second attempt, I used corn flour. The sauce came out to be nice but corn flour is suicidal for low carbing, a strict NO NO.

Finally, Eureka moment happened yesterday 😛 , and I came up with a perfect low carb high fat cheese sauce recipe. It takes just 5 minutes and you don’t need a microwave for it 😀

Ingredients –

Shredded cheese – 50 grams. You can use more if you like your sauce really cheesy

High fat cream – 100 ml

Olive oil – 2 TSP

Full Fat Butter – 1 TSP

Minced ginger and garlic  – half tiny piece (optional)

Oregano and herbs of your choice for seasoning

Salt as per taste(optional since cheese is usually salty)


Heat a sauce pan and pour olive oil in it.

When olive oil is hot, add butter and let the butter melt.

Add minced ginger and garlic immediately followed by cream. Do not heat olive oil a lot like we do to refined oils. As soon as you add ginger and garlic, wait for a few seconds only and add cream. Otherwise ginger garlic might burn off and its burnt taste will spoil the entire sauce.

Keep stirring and add grated cheese when the creamy mixture is hot enough to melt the cheese.

Add a pinch of salt and keep stirring until the sauce boils.

Stop when you get the desired consistency.

Transfer the sauce in a bowl, sprinkle oregano and serve

This is a great dip for omelets or fish/paneer/chicken tikka . I pour this on veg salad too.

lchf cheese sauce

Few tips for low carbers

If you are based in India, use Amul Garlic & Herbs butter. I used the same in this recipe and it gives a better flavor than the normal Amul butter. Do not use Amul cream if you are on strict LCHF, pick a high fat cream or malai from buffalo’s milk.

If you are based outside India, use grass fed butter and full fat cream for this recipe. If you have no access to ginger/garlic or don’t wish to use them because of 1 gram carbs that they contain, use Mexican herbs for flavor.

Try this sauce and let me know how it turned out

Are you going to try this mouth watering Low Carb High Fat Cheese Sauce Recipe?

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