Low Carb Indian Diet Plan


Low Carb Indian Diet Plan

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These days a lot of people are on low carb diets to lose weight. It is beyond doubt that people are getting conscious about their health and well being. I guess the speed with which things are progressing, very soon there will not be any unhealthy stuff in the supermarket shelves! Well, it might take a little time 😛 but I know that it will happen. So, coming back to low carb diet, Indians are always in a fix as to what they should eat when on a low carb diet. Here is some help.

Non vegetarian food

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Those who eat non-veg will find it easy to handle a low carb diet. The most common non-veg foods consumed in India are eggs, fish and chicken. You can enjoy eating them on a low carb diet and you won’t feel as if you are on a diet! It is like a feast as you can enjoy fish fillets, tandoori chicken or a fluffy omelette in your meals! Simple!


raw veggies

You can find loads of low carb veggies in India. There is absolutely no dearth of veggies that will fit in your diet. Let us see the veggies that have less than 4 g of carbs to offer per 100 g of the vegetables.

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli

Here is some good news for vegetarians who want to follow a low carb diet. Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage will never disappoint you! You can have a dish made with cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli. If you eat eggs, you can always try cabbage with scrambled eggs. A soup of broccoli and cabbage can also be a part of your meal. Let us see how many carbs are there in these veggies:

Boiled Broccoli– 1.3 grams carbs per 100 gram
Boiled Cauliflower– 2.3 grams carbs per 100 gram
Boiled cabbage – 0.6 grams carbs per100 gram

I really feel that the amount of carbs in all the three veggies is very low and so these veggies can comfortably be a part of a low carb diet.

Spinach, lettuce, radish and cucumber

You can steam veggies like radish, cucumber, lettuce and radish and have them as healthy salads. You can make spinach soup and have it as a meal. Cucumber and radish can be consumed raw as a salad too.

Raw Spinach- 1.6 g of carbs per 100 g

Lettuce- 1.9 g of carbs per 100 g

Raw cucumber- 1.5 g of carbs per 100 g

Raw radish- 2 g of carbs per 100 g


Eggplant or brinjal is a very low carb veggie. 100 g of brinjal (raw) has just 2.2 g of carbs. The carb count increases when you add onion and tomatoes to it! Don’t like brinjals? 😛 I understand! Here is a great recipe that makes brinjals interesting- click!


Capsicum is another low carb veggie that can be added to vegetable curries, salads and omelette. It makes your food colourful and appetizing too.


Pumpkin is a good veggie when weight loss is your goal. Pumpkin has 2.2 g of carbs in every 100 g of the pumpkin.

Soya and moong dal


For vegetarians soya is a good option. It has a lot of health benefits to offer. Do try to include soya chunks in your meals. Green moong dal is a saviour when it comes to weight loss. It is low in carbs and can be a part of a low carb diet. There are a lot of moong dal recipes- click here!


Berrries for diabetics

When you are on a low carb or Atkin’s diet, you cannot enjoy a lot of fruits. However, you can have berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries can be consumed in moderation.


Milk nutrition facts

Dairy has healthy fats to offer. Indians can have full fat cream and paneer, no issues at all. Consuming full fat milk in moderation is also okay.



Nuts can get a bit tricky but you can easily have 5 almonds or 5 walnuts as a sack when you feel hungry.


ghee does not nake you fat

Olive oil is considered to be a healthy fat. It is best added in cold salads! Ghee can also be consumed and the same goes for butter. But always remember, you need to control portions. If you happen to overeat healthy foods, you will not get benefitted.

Hope this post has been useful!

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