Low Carb Indian Recipe-Mint And Coriander Fish Tikka

mint fish tikka recipe low carb

Low Carb Indian Recipe-Mint And Coriander Fish Tikka


Hello Everybody,

Low carb diet is a recent hit these days owing to the rate of success in losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle. It is definitely a good scorer when it comes to being more result oriented than High carb diet which people follow to lose weight.

I am a religious follower of Low Carb diet and the results it gave me in a brief time period is simply great for me. I keep trying new ways to bring variety in my Low carb diet and that is the reason you will find me bringing our new recipes which is apt for the Low Carb diet followers.

Low Carb diet is also great in a way that it allows to have various varieties of non-vegetarian dishes. So, here I have attempted a fish recipe which is very delicious and also fits into the norms of Low carb dieting.

The recipe is Mint & Coriander Fish Tikka- Low Carb. Lets look at the ingredients.


mint fish tikka recipe low carb

Main Ingredients-

Method of Preparation-

Cut the fish fillets into equal pieces as per choice just keep the size like that of tikkas which are available in restaurants. Don’t cut the pieces of very small size as they will break during roasting.

Grind the ingredients in a grinder to form a smooth paste.

Now marinate the fish fillet pieces into the grounded paste for at least 30 minutes to let the mixture seep well into the pieces.

Now after 30 minutes prepare the grill to roast the tikkas. One can buy a barbeque stand which are easily available in any supermarket to make grilling easy and mess free.

Now place the fish pieces carefully over the grill mesh which should be greased with oil/butter prior to placing the fish pieces.

Set the temperature of the oven to an optimum level so that the fish is properly cooked without getting burnt.

After the set time is over , you may check the tikkas that they are cooked from inside or not. Once the stipulated time is over, remove the fish pieces from the grill mesh and serve hot with sliced onion & few drops of lemon.

I hope you like the recipe as it is easy to prepare and good for Low Carbers. Do share your feedback after trying this recipe at home.


fish tikkas with mint chutney


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