Low Carb Indian Sweet Recipe-Doda Burfi Fudge


Low Carb Indian Sweet Recipe-Doda Burfi Fudge

Diwali is here and markets are full of various kinds of sweets. Every time I enter the market my torturous sweet tooth becomes the biggest devil of my life. As it is my weight is troubling me real bad these days so I thought of making something sweet but healthy and low carb Mithai this Diwali. I started it as an experiment to make low carb Indian Mithai, and after half an hour of effort and testing all my knowledge about low carb foods this is what I created.

low carb fudge

well, this is my low carb version of Indian Doda Burfi which can also be called Indian fudge. okay , blame me if it doesn’t taste as good as the traditional one because I have added coconut also in it. I am sure you want to know how I made it. Here is the recipe. 🙂


  • Bottle gourd or Lauki grated – 200 gm

  • Coconut grated dry or fresh any – 60 gm

  • Sprouted mung and flax seeds paste – 3 tbsp

  • fresh cream or Malai – 50 ml

  • Deshi ghee – 2 tbsp

  • Illaichi powder – 2 pinches

  • Stevia –  2 tbsp can be adjusted according to taste


  • Grate bottle gourd and keep aside.

  • add 2 tbsp ghee in a wok and warm it.

  • Add bottle gourd and cook on slow flame till light golden.

low carb fudge bottlegourd

low carb fudge  coconut

  • When golden brown, add cream ( Amul fresh cream or milk malai)

low carb fudge cream


  • Mix well and keep cooking till the whole bottle gourd mix rolls into a ball.

Low carb Doda burfi 3

  • Sprinkle Stevia and illaichi powder. again mix well.

low carb doda stevia

  • Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool a bit.

  • Then spread on a thali or plate and cut with a knife.

Low carb Doda burfi 2

  • Sprinkle some more coconut flour on top and let it cool. (I was very impatient so kept it in the freezer.) 😛

  • Once set split all the pieces and serve or hide it somewhere in a safe place.

  • Those who like honey can have some honey dribbled all over the plate. since I am allergic to honey so I left it like that only.

Low carb Doda burfi 1

Well who said that Low carb way of eating didn’t have any place for sweets?? This is one recipe of mine which can be enjoyed by any one who is on a low carb high protein, Low carb high fat or just low carb diet.

Here is the Nutrition Data which is going to make your Diwali eating more relaxed and happy….. take a look…

kanan doda fudge low carb

Now you see…. the whole recipe was for almost 20 pieces and you can see the wonderful nutrition values … just 1 net carb each piece…. (Shhh!!… I tell you a secret… no one in my family knows that I have made this low carb Doda Fudge and I am quite a shameless woman to gobble the whole thing alone) 😛

Are you going to try this Low carb Doda Burfi fudge?

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