Low Carb Salad Recipe To Enjoy In Monsoon


Low Carb Salad Recipe To Enjoy In Monsoon

Low Carb Salad Recipe India

Hello everybody! How have you all been?? Great I hope.

It’s been a long time since I shared some recipe. I am extremely busy with my exams since last month. :’( Missed you all a lot! It feels so good to be back! 😀 Since monsoon has already arrived at most of the places, it’s time to go for some light salad so that you don’t feel heavy and suffer from bloating while getting the proper nutrition you need to stay fit!

The recipe I am going to share today contains only a few ingredients. Let’s check it out. J

Low Carb Salad Recipe


  • A cup of slightly wilted spinach

  • A cup of chopped cabbage

  • A cup of chopped cucumber

  • One half-boiled egg

  • Black pepper

  • Salt

  • Cheese

Low Carb Salad Recipe IWB


  • All you need to do now is take a bowl and get all your half boiled egg, chopped cabbage, cucumber and spinach into that bowl.

  • Sprinkle some salt, black paper and grate some cheese.

  • Mix it lightly yet thoroughly.

  • Serve while they are still fresh and Enjoy!!


  • Spinach, one of my favorites, is extremely low in fat and cholesterol. Rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins like A, K, B6, E, C, thiamine etc. It is also rich in calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Eating this food will definitely improve your health condition and help you become stronger! 😀
  • Well, what can I say about cabbage? I am totally obsessed over this leafy vegetable. It helps in losing weight since it is really low in calorie count and carbohydrate. Its dense in fiber, it has got so many antioxidants and chemicals and enzymes that help in detoxification of our body. It helps in proper digestion and even aids in stomach ulcer and many digestive disorders.
  • Being an ‘eggitarian’, I totally love having egg in any form, be it hard boiled or soft boiled or anything else. Soft boiled egg have many benefits. It’s a quick low-calorie snack. One soft boiled egg contains only 78 calories. It’s rich in vitamin A, B12 (that boosts metabolism). It maintains a proper and healthy nervous system! J

Low Carb Salad Recipe IWB India

So? Do you need to wait more to try this salad? It’s super tasty and healthy! Enjoy and Stay Fit! J

Go grab a bowl and make this Low Carb Salad Recipe To Enjoy In Monsoon.

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