Low Carb Smoothie Recipe-Lettuce Avocado

avacado smoothie recipe

Low Carb Smoothie Recipe-Lettuce Avocado

Hello Everyone,

My quest for knowledge about healthy recipes for my Low Carb diet lifestyle continues and I am here with another healthy recipe I am fond of to share with you all beauties!

As you all are already aware that I am too conscious about my health and leave no stone unturned when it comes to trying out new recipes which are in accordance with my lifestyle.

Today it is a smoothie recipe I am going to share with you all but before that I would really like to detail you all about the main ingredients and its benefits.

Low Carb Smoothie Recipe-Lettuce Avocado

avacado smoothie recipe


It is mainly categorized as a leafy vegetable and is extensively used in salads, soups, wraps or even grills. Lettuce is known to have vitamin A & potassium in good proportion apart from the other vitamins & nutrients. It is a seasonal vegetable and is fresh for a very short duration. These days with the advent of technology there are many ways it can be stored and transported to distant areas. This vegetable is leafy and full of fiber content and helps in easy bowel movement which ensures a happy state of the body!

lettuce avacado smoothie recipe


Avocado is universally known to be one of the best sources of vitamin C, K , B6 and minerals like potassium. The rich fiber content makes it an ideal fruit to be included in one’s diet. A major part of nutrition coming from it is the unsaturated fat which is heart friendly and help in better absorption of anti-oxidants.

Let me quickly tell you the main ingredients for this smoothie:

  • Sufficient shredded lettuce
  • Small  ripe avocado
  • Ice cubes
  • Chia seeds (optional)

Peel of the avocado and extract the fruit pulp and put it in the blender. Now add all the ingredients to the blender and  blend thoroughly until it turns smooth.

One may add coconut milk to this smoothie as it will change the taste and make it more easy to gulp down the throat but in case you are skipping the coconut milk then get ready to have a bitter taste of this smoothie!

Serve with chia seeds and your Lettuce Avocado smoothie is ready!

So when are you trying this Lettuce Avocado Smoothie Recipe?

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