Low Carb Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe


Low Carb Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

egg coffee

I am finally again on a low carb diet and very serious this time. Yup, need to lose some serious weight. 😛 Coffee is something that always comes to my rescue. I love coffee but on a low carb diet when I cannot have milk coffee is a little difficult bet. So I began looking for some interesting way of having coffee, and then I found this coffee recipe all over the internet. That was the famous Vietnamese Egg Coffee.

Before further reading what I am going to explain about Vietnamese Coffee just take a good look at the above picture of that sumptuous looking cup of coffee. Now this is a speciality of Cafe Giang, of Hanoi Vietnam. I won’t be wrong if I say that this great looking cup of coffee made me rather forced me to try Vietnamese egg coffee. I read a lot about Vietnamese egg coffee and understood that this egg coffee is favourite of many other countries too like Scandinavia, Sweden, Iceland and few other countries. The reason of that I could conclude logically was the cold weather of these countries. Egg coffee is a common age old tradition in these countries. In some countries Egg coffee, is a unique coffee recipe with the whole egg with the shell. There is nothing wrong in it as egg shells are a store house of calcium. So the recipe includes coarsely ground egg shells and coffee beans which are strained while serving coffee. Egg coffee is a unique combination between the bitter taste of coffee and greasy taste of the egg. During winters this egg coffee can be an excellent choice of drink.

This is the original recipe of egg coffee.

  • Brew a small cup of strong coffee.
  • Crack an egg, split the egg whites and the yolk (some recipes use the whole egg too)
  • Put the yolk and sweetened condensed milk in a small bowl and whisk until you end up with a fluffy mixture.
  • Strain and pour the brewed coffee in a cup, and then add the fluffy egg mixture to the top.

And there you have your egg coffee!

Now this was the original one and as you can see it is too sweet full of sweetened condensed milk so I made a few changes to make my own low carb version.

Low Carb Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

egg coffee ready 1Ingredients-

  • One Tsp strong instant coffee.

  • Two Tsp fresh cream

  • One egg

  • Stevia


  • Beat cream, egg, stevia and 1 Tsp instant coffee into a thick blend. If you use a hand blender, it will take less time but you can use an egg beater or fork also to do that.

egg coffee blend

  • Boil water with half a Tsp of instant coffee.

egg coffee water n coffee

  • Divide cream coffee blend in two parts or add the complete beaten blend in the pan with coffee mixed hot water.

egg coffee1

  • Pour not so very hot coffee mixed water and stir lightly. There you are ready to go.

egg coffee final

Tip : Do not use boiling hot water to make coffee as the coffee cream blend will curdle in boiling water. If you need extra strong coffee please add more coffee powder in your mug.

So that was quite easy… isn’t it? I know you are thinking if the coffee smells of raw egg? So my answer is NO, Not at all. Those of the low carb eaters who cannot stand Bulletproof coffee, please go for this version of coffee. It is actually a complete meal by itself, as it keeps you so full for hours altogether.

Are you going to try Low Carb Vietnamese Egg Coffee ?

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