Low Carb Winter Salad Recipe With Beet Mayonnaise Dressing


winter salad

Low Carb Winter Salad Recipe With Beet Mayonnaise Dressing

Winters deserves celebration of cold evenings with a cup of hot soup and a big bowl of salad to munch on while watching a favourite movie. Right!! Well salad doesn’t mean it has to be a cold cucumber tomato onion salad … nope not at all… I love warm salad in winters and that too with the easily available winter vegetables. So how about a warm low carb spinach salad for winters? One reminder for all those who love easy cooking and that is always choose seasonal local vegetables for cooking as they are always the healthiest and tastiest.

Now for this salad I have one extra recipe for you and that is of Beet Vinegar. One more very important ingredient of this salad is Mayonnaise (Read recipe here).

Warm Low Carb Winter Salad


winter salad raw

  • Baby spinach (small soft leaves not the big hard ones)  –   50 gms
  • Kohlrabi (the humble karamb/ganth gobi)  –  1 very small ones
  • Cabbage  –  100 gms
  • Bell peppers red and yellow  –  80 gms
  • Mayonnaise  –  1 tbsp
  • Beet Vinegar ( Apple cider or plain) 2 tsp
  • Salt and pepper to taste.


Beet Vinegar

Peel beetroots and slice them as you want either like sticks or rounds.

In a glass bottle put the beet slices and pour either apple cider or plain vinegar with a pinch of salt.

This is a wonderful multi purpose recipe which I use for  various things like beet slices as pickle and vinegar as seasoning for salads.

Beet Vinegar

This is the best way to preserve vegetables. Read my post on fermented and preserved vegetables here.

Salad Recipe

Chop all the above mentioned vegetables.

Keep water on boil with salt.

winter salad salted water

Add washed spinach to boiling water, stir and take out. Put in a strainer to remove all water. Then chop spinach fine or thick as you wish.

winter salad spinach

Add other vegetables to boiling water, stir a bit and strain all water. Remember not to cook them so as to let the crunchiness go.

blanched veggies

Take a spoonful of mayonnaise (Recipe for Low carb recipe here) and add a spoon of Beet Vinegar.

Beet mayo dip

Now this is what the veggies and Beet Mayo looks like…..

winter salad with beet mayo

Beautiful colours, Isn’t it?

Mix Mayo seasoning and veggies well with two forks.

Winter salad with beet vinegar

And there it is ready with a few slices of beets (optional). You can add a bit Beet vinegar more if you like it tangier.

This salad tastes the best in winters when served warm , remember warm not hot. So before serving just micro a bit to serve warm salad with soup. Goes well with any soup but I prefer it with hot Flax garlic bread sandwiches (Read recipe here).

Since I have taken care of selecting all low carb vegetables for this salad so there is no reason to doubt the carb content of this recipe.

So enjoy your winters and eat healthy to stay healthy.

When are you going to try this Low Carb Winter Salad With Beet Mayonnaise Dressing?

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