7 Low Fat Foods That Seem Healthy But Are Not!


Low Fat Foods That Seem Healthy But Are Not!

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People are under the impression that ‘low fat’ food is  healthy. Those who think so need a reality check!

Low fat diet

Nutritious foods like fruits and veggies are low in fat naturally but the processed stuff that claims to be low in fat has a lot of unhealthy ingredients in it.

Here is a list of low fat foods that are unhealthy:

1) Low fat sweetened breakfast cereal

how healthy is granola

Breakfast cereal seems to be a healthy way to start your day. The pack may claim that it is low in fat, is fortified with vitamins and minerals. There may also be claims like ‘contains whole grains’. But are you aware that most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar? You will find sugar as the 2nd or 3rd item in the ingredients list and this means that it is present in large amounts. Even your so-called healthy granola is loaded with sugar!

2) Low fat flavoured yogurt

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Yogurt is said to be healthy. But remember that plain yogurt is the one that helps with weight loss and provides all the goodness. Low-fat yogurt that is sugar sweetened contains way too much sugar to be called a nutritious choice. Many low fat yogurts have a sugar content as high as that of desserts. So, if you want to eat yogurt, eat it plain.

3) Low fat salad dressing

Quick Low Carb Vegetable Salad Recipe (1)

Salad dressing makes the boring taste of vegetables a lot better. Traditional salad dressings are high in fat and help the body in absorbing fat soluble vitamin A,D,E and K. On the other hand, low fat and fat free salad dressings do not provide any health benefits. They contain sugar and preservatives. It would be better to drizzle olive oil on your salad as a dressing.

4) Low fat frozen yogurt

weight maintain yogurt

People think that low-fat frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream due to its low fat content. However, it is said to contain as much as sugar as ice cream. So, don’t fall for it!

5) Low fat cookies


Low fat cookies are not healthier than normal cookies. They aren’t even as tasty. You will find a lot of varieties of low fat cookies in the aisles of supermarkets. Like most of the low-fat foods, the sugar content of such cookies is high.

6) Reduced fat peanut butter

peanut butter benefits 1

Peanut butter is delicious and many people just love it! Peanuts and peanut butter have appetite, body weight, blood sugar controlling benefits apart from benefits for the heart. It is the oleic acid that is responsible for the benefits. However, it should be noted that natural peanut butter has only peanuts and maybe salt in it. On the other hand, reduced fat peanut butter has sugar and high fructose corn syrup in it. To reduce the fat the healthy monounsaturated fat is replaced with processed vegetable oil.

7) Low fat sandwich spread

Margarine may be a low fat spread but it is not a smart choice. Butter is still healthier. Spreads like margarine have highly processed vegetable oils that are harmful to health. Light spreads that are marketed as heart healthy have trans fat in them that cause obesity, heart diseases and inflammation.

The bottom line

People are slowly becoming aware but the majority of the population is still in the dark. They feel that fat free stuff is healthier, whereas this is not true. Low fat stuff has unhealthy ingredients in it and can lead to many diseases.

Hope this list of unhealthy low fat foods has been an eye opener!

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