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Low Weight High Rep Myth Busted

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The Low Weight High Rep myth has been around for quite some time now and has to be busted. People think that lifting light weights for several number of reps will give them the shredded look.

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The notion is that high reps burn more fat and give you toned look whereas low reps lead to heavy muscle and you end up being bulky. This is not true at all!

You see muscle building process is a complex one. To stimulate your muscles efficiently, you have to give them various stimuli during your training. The core of your training should be to lift heavier as it is basic the principle of exercising. In layman terms, you need to overload your muscles progressively to build them, i.e. keep lifting heavier and heavier with the passage of time.

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It is not just exercise that makes you lose fat. Fat loss takes many factors into account like supplements, nutrition, environmental changes, genetics and psychological factors. The main difference between being bulky and having lean muscle is the amount of fat that surrounds the body. Don’t think of the hulk like bodybuilders as they are on insanely high doses of anabolics to grow that way! When a normal person who leads a completely sedentary lifestyle starts lifting weights (even light ones) and does high no of reps, his or her muscles will get toned up a bit. The only way to get a sculpted body with high reps is by eating lesser than you burn. This is what is happening to daily wage labourers who dig roads for hours without sufficient food thereby creating a calorie deficit. You need not be surprised as there are many celebs and anorexic models who are worse.

The fact is that lifting weights within the range of 4 to 12 kilos will give a rock hard look to men and the women will get a leaner and fit look. You must ensure to take care of the nutrition part. That means you need to consume complex carbs, lean protein, EFAs and lots of phytonutrients along with micronutrients.

With beginners there is another issue. They lift such light weights that their muscles don’t even get stimulated. You will actually find their tiny dumbbells flying around during movement as they will not be able to even feel the weight.

To have a lean muscular physique, you need to do 6 to 15 reps in the 60 to 70% of your training, for 20 percent of your training, go in for 2 to 5 reps. Keep 10% in the less than 15 rep range.


What happens to beginners?

Initially muscle mass increase will be more than fat burn and this will increase body weight in beginners. However, this is how the body adapts to the training and gives you desired results.

How shredded you look is based on your diet. Women will tend to get stronger and shredded as they have a lack of testosterone. Genetics also have a role to play in how big you get.

The final world

The Low Weight High Rep Myth will take you no where!

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