How To Maintain Weight While On Injury

ankle injury

How To Maintain Weight While On Injury

ankle injury

Hello Fitness lovers,

Those who follow me on Instagram must be aware that a while ago my ankle got twisted while I was visiting a mall and things got a little serious when I overlooked the mild pain in my ankle! Well, it was a ligament fracture and the doctor advised me to rest completely and due to that my Diwali was not as happening this year!

foot injury

Well, all the while I was on rest I had thoughts of how I am going to kick start my fitness routine soon when the injury gets healed! The pain in the ankle was not allowing me to indulge in any kind of physical activity like brisk walking! And so I was pretty sure that I will be gaining a lot of weight all the while and it is going to be tough to bounce back and get used to the fitness routine once I am healed with my injury!

So, today I am here to share some tips on how you can manage to maintain weight or continue your fitness pursuits even when you are still recovering with your injury!

Stay aware of your physical activities-

Well, injury takes time to heal but one cannot just sit back and let the temporary discomfort take a toll on the hard-earned fit body. You have to keep a track of all the physical activities you are doing while you injured!. If you are on complete bed rest then, you won’t be allowed for any activity which needs movement of your limbs!

Keep a close count of all you eat-


The best way to make sure that you do not pile up a lot of weight while recovering from an injury is to watch whatever you eat as that is the least you can do. The number of calories taken per day during this time is important to know so that you may easily replace the healthy substitutes of the food and in turn it doesn’t affect your metabolic rate.

Plan Your Meals-

Always opt for more number of meals each day and adjust the quantity of your intake with each passing day! You should not compromise on ditching any of your meals as that will lead to an imbalance and at the end of the day you will end up eating more than you have planned and all your meal plannings will go down the drain!

woman eating healthy salad

Stay motivated-

Don’t let the injuries make you mentally weak and shift your motivation to stay fit and healthy in your life! Fitness is not just an activity but actually a lifestyle. Always remind yourself that once the injury is recovered you are going to be back to the normal self and back to gain the fitness you have always wanted!

Take Multi-vitamins & supplements-

A physical injury not only hampers the normal course of activities but also slows down the rate of metabolism and so your energy levels may keep fluctuating which can further prolong the recovering process of your injury!

How self medication can be dangerous

So after consulting your doctor take some vitamin supplements to make up for the loss of the healthy diet which you were used to when you were all fit and working out regularly! These supplements will also replenish the lack of nutrients in the body while you are having a selective healthy diet while being injured!

So, these were some of the basic things which can be kept in mind and these will surely prevent you from becoming a pile of excess baggage when injured!

What tips you would give to injured people for weight loss?

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