Maintaining The Health Of Your Gut Flora


Maintaining The Health Of Your Gut Flora

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You must be aware of the fact that your gut is home to trillions of bacteria. Yes, that is true but please don’t panic, they are friendly bacteria that are beneficial to the human body in several ways. These bacteria are known as the microbiome.

To give you a rough idea about the size of your microbiome let me tell you that there are ten times more bacterial cells in the body than human cells!!! :O Surprising, isn’t it? This means more bacteria exist in the body more than you do :P. The entire microbiome weighs just about 200 grams. So, don’t think that their weight is adding extra kilos to your body!! The gut has about 3.3 million bacterial genes and this number is more than 150 times the genes in the body’s own genome!!

Gut flora for good health

The gut flora plays the role of a second set of genes for us. Everybody seems to fall in a specific microflora type. This is very similar to the manner in which we are differentiated by blood types. Do you know that in one study, samples of gut flora were taken from obese and lean individuals and they have been found to be different in composition!

This relatively new understanding in science is indeed path breaking. Our body being symbiotic hosts for the gut flora has brought in a big change in viewing health, disease and hygiene.

Gut flora and our health

The gut ecosystem balance affects the way you look, the way you think and the way your body functions. Intriguing, isn’t it? The friendly bacteria in the gut make 80% of the immune system. It even has the ability to control good and bad genes. The health of your gut flora determines several bodily functions and there is also a connection between diseases like type 2 diabetes, asthma, allergies and cancer.

Maintaining The Health Of Your Gut Flora

Stop eating junk food

say no to junk food for good health

To ensure that your gut flora is healthy, you need to avoid processed junk food. Junk food is known to cause inflammation and damages the gut flora. You should also limit the consumption of antibiotics.

Diagnostic testing

Clinical analysis of the gut flora of an individual will give lots of information of a person’s health. People have food sensitivities, parasitic infections in the intestines, a leaky gut etc, seeing all this it becomes essential that focus on the specific problems of the gut flora.

Eat right

Now it is “You are what your gut flora eats” instead of “you are what you eat”. With every meal you consume you are positively or negatively affecting the health of your gut flora and thus your own health. You should be eating a variety of plant food. There is no general rule as what would work for one individual will not work for another individual. People with intestinal disorders avoid certain foods altogether as they can further aggravate the problem.

Eat fermented foods


Eating yoghurt, idli, dosa and other fermented foods are a wonderful way to replenish your gut flora. No wonder there is always a focus on having curd/yoghurt with your meal each time. You have other lesser known options like kefir too. You need to find out what suits you well and what does not.

Ready to take care of your gut flora?

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