How Can You Make A Relationship Work?


Find out How Can You Make A Relationship Work

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In my previous post I discussed the importance of similarity in individuals for good relationships. You can check out the post here! Now, in this post I would like to talk about making a relation work, especially when we don’t choose people like in the case of parents, siblings, teachers, colleagues and children.

Making relations work

You and I are not as simple as we appear. We have several intricacies within us. Out of all those details and intricacies, there can be a small thread that is common between two individuals.

Take into consideration one of your relations with whom you can hardly talk. Start exploring for the common threads. If you explore honestly, there will surely be more than one similarity. After getting a lot of similarities you can start your conversations with this thread and try identifying the category the person belongs to in comparison to yours.

Does the individual belong to the first habitual category, the second wannabe category or the third, rock star category?

  • If he falls in the first category, he will gradually get habituated to you if you are truly with that person for a few days.
  • If the person is in the second category, he is already on the way to model you.
  • If the person belongs to the third category, you have someone from whom you can learn or unlearn a thing or two!

This entire process will amaze you as you will end up knowing so much more about the person. You might bond well with him or her and actually start liking the person!

Family -Family fitness how to go about it

Moving from similarities to the whole person

Now think about your best friend. She may be sharing many similarities with you (and probably that is why she is your BFF). However, she is unique and possesses some qualities that may not go down well with you. She may have traits that you may not approve of. In spite of that you have accepted those qualities because you like her already. You started from similarities and eventually embraced the whole of her. There you go! This is how you should work with your other relations!

The fact is that there is no one who is an exact replica of another person. However, we can be similar in many ways. Relations are all about beginning the journey from similarities and eventually expanding and embracing the differences. Do adopt this method and see how your life takes a 180 degree turn! You will definitely see positive results.

You have to work on relations, keeping them in the attic of your heart won’t make them work. You must bring them alive. I am sure you know to make a relationship work now!

Hope you liked reading about how to make a relationship work!

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