4 Ways To Make Cocktails Healthier!


4 Ways To Make Cocktails Healthier!

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There is nothing more exciting than a cocktail party! Who doesn’t like having fun and socializing with people with a drink in hand? At the same time it is also important that you pay attention to your own health. There has to be a balance between things that satisfy your soul and the ones that satisfy your body. Keep this in mind and check out the tricks to make cocktails healthier!

1) Choose wine and hard liquor as the base of your drink

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You need to say no to additive and sugar packed liquors that appear in quirky bottles! Choose liquors instead like vodka, white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, whiskey, rum and tequila. A wine base is way too good as it get more points for the antioxidants it has and the relatively less amount of alcohol. Tequila is also preferred as it made from agavin and that gives it a naturally sweet flavour. It would require less amounts of mixers to make it more palatable.

2) Avoid simple syrups and sweet additives

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Whatever it may be, you should know that all these are pure sugar even if they claim to be infused with rosemary. Go in for natural sweeteners instead. Rely on fruits as much as you can as they are healthy. Throw in some berries at the bottom of the glass or just drop in an orange peel. The essential oils present in the orange peel bring in a captivating aroma and feeling of sweetness without adding sugar.

3) Bitters are the best for you

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If you want to make your cocktail healthier, you need to give bitters a try. They are made from a mix of spices and herbs extracted in alcohol. They have been in use for centuries as medicine for digestion. The spices and herbs give your bitters an amazingly vibrant flavour that adds dimension and complexity to any cocktail. To add some zest and excitement to your plain vodka, you can reach out for flavours like celery, cardamom, lavender or even chocolate. You can also go in for a therapeutic blend to soothe your belly. You simply have to make sure that whatever brand you choose is free of artificial colours and flavours. It should have herbs, spices and aroma providing citrus peels along with alcohol.

4) Your cocktail should be hydrating

Cucumber soda Refreshing cool drinks for summer

Hydration does not just mean the addition of sparkling water. Though it a great addition to any drink, you need more. Adding sodium packed celery juice or cucumber helps in hydrating at the cellular levels and fighting the dehydrating and hangover-causing effects of alcohol. You should not hesitate to add in water-rich fruits and veggies or their juice. Add in blitzing cubes of honeydew and watermelon in a food processor to make a slushy base ready for liquor or wine.

P.S. If you don’t drink alcohol like me, don’t worry as you can enjoy some really interesting mocktails 🙂

Have been able to relate to the above mentioned tips? So, the next time you plan to party, keep the above in mind and go ahead!

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