How To Make Your Bedroom Sleep Ready?


Find Out How To Make Your Bedroom Sleep Ready!

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Your bedroom should be your sleep abode and not a place for technology, food or work to creep in. However, almost all of us have been guilty of turning our bedroom into a dinner table or office desk once in a while.

Can you change this habit? Yes, you can! Here is how to create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation in your bedroom. Keep reading!

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Sleep Ready

How To Make Your Bedroom Sleep Ready

1) Chuck out the TV

There can be nothing as distracting as sound blaring from your TV along with the blue light. You must reserve TV watching to another room of your house and not your bedroom. Doing so will make you think of your bed as a place for unwinding and resting your senses.

2) Purchase a good quality mattress

People tend to go in for sub-standard quality of mattresses because of the low price and this is where they go wrong. You need to invest in a good quality mattress for sound sleep. If you are sleeping uncomfortably the whole night and waking up with a back pain then what is the point?

3) Keep the snacks away

Eating in your bedroom signals your brain that it is a place reserved for activity. But you don’t want that to happen, right? You want your bedroom to be thought of as a place of rest. By eating food there you are telling your senses to get activated instead of winding down. So, the food should belong to the dining room or kitchen and that goes for late night snacking too!

4) Use aromatherapy

Memories and emotions are deeply connected with our sense of smell. The very being of aromatherapy is because certain smells can affect your nervous system directly. Simply lighting a scented candle or using a aromatherapy diffuser while getting ready to sleep can tell your brain that it is time to unwind. Studies say that lavender, rose and sandalwood are three fragrances that help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Try adding this to your bed time routine and see the magic!

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5) Keep linens clean

Make sure that your bed sheets and pillowcovers are washed once a week with an all natural detergent so that you don’t have skin reactions and your bed is not home to toxins and chemicals that can disrupt your hormones.

6) De-clutter your room

Your bedroom should echo only feelings of calm and peace. Don’t stack books around or paint the walls with loud colours. Minimize the clutter and see how different you feel.

7) Reduce the lighting

Keeping your room too bright even after it is dark outside makes the body feel that it is still the middle of the day. This will keep you awake. So, do your part by keeping lights soft in the evening so that your eyes can rest well after a long day.

I hope that with these inputs you would be able to turn your chaotic bedroom into a serene resting space.

Improve your sleep by maintaining the right sleep environment. Make your bedroom sleep ready!

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