Ways To Make Your Office A Healthier Place


How To Make Your Office A Healthier Place?

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Nearly half of your time is spent at office, right? This means that it should be a healthy place to live in. If it is not one, you should strive hard to make it so! Here are ways to make your office a healthier place.

Sit less

Are you sitting too much

Too much of sitting has too many health risks associated with it. People working at desks should either stand or walk around for a minimum of 2 hours a day to keep diseases at bay. Apart from being good physically, studies show that moving around increases productivity too. Take short breaks between work and move around.

Get the air cleared

It is not unusual to have occupational allergies such as sensitivity to chemicals present in the carpet or office furniture that can cause rashes and headaches. Even if you are able to brave all of this, it is possible that the stuffy air of the workplace hampers your mental ability. In a study, offices with proper ventilation and lower air pollutant levels had better employee performance.

Open the window to get some fresh air or if that is not possible, get an air purifier for your cubicle.

Paint your cubicle walls green

Paint your work space with quiet and calming colours such as sage or sea-foam green. Such colours provide you with a relaxed sort of mental state. If you cannot paint your cubicle, you can always stick on a green wallpaper or simply add green elements to your desk. However, please avoid red as it can adversely affect your analytical performance.

Add a plant

how beneficial are houseplants

Bringing in elements of nature into your office is a good way of staying creative and having a feeling of wellness. Just keep a small plant on your desk or if possible a larger plant in the corner of your room. Choose green and leafy plants instead of cacti. Also avoid flowers with a strong fragrance as it can be distracting.

Keep a few personal items

Keep a few of your personal stuff like an award you won or a family photo that makes you feel comfortable. However, don’t overdo it. A cluttered work desk will affect your performance and make you feel exhausted.

Aromatherapy should be used

It is said that a citrusy smell can lift your mood and improve one’s memory. You can always keep an aromatherapy dispenser at your desk and choose a citrus fragrance. Avoid air fresheners and candles as artificial scents are used in them.

Stop the habit of eating at the desk

You should not eat at your desk. Make sure you have a dedicated area for all the munching your do. You must get out of your work atmosphere and mingle with other people to get an actual break. The positive outcomes of doing so are an increased productivity at work and reduced chances of eating mindlessly.

Posture matters


When sitting all day is a bad idea, so is slouching the whole day! Your posture has to be right for your health and performance at your workplace. Slouching makes you feel tired and lazy whereas sitting tall gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Moreover, when you are bent over the computer, it causes a lot of back pain. Correct your posture! Make sure that the seat and desk are placed right.

Make your office a great place for you!



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