Manage the festive season with a smile


Manage the festive season with a smile

Manage the festive season with a smile

Smile and be stress free

Before I begin, I would like to wish everyone a blessed and wonderful Shubho Bijoya. As you may all know from my recent posts, I am from Kolkata – Durga Puja is the biggest draw for my city and I have just survived the onslaught of the ‘festive mood’ – not to mention I did pandal hop and eat loads of junk foods while doing so. O yes, let me make you more jealous, I had a friend down from Czech Republic, Simona Kalikova, and with other friends from the city, we hopped from one destination to another.

While Simona now is on her way to Rajasthan, I am back at my blogging and writing – life has resumed and the city is back to normal. What I have noticed while the festive season is on, is that once the fanfare and the partying is over, it shows on me – my face especially. And, this time I made it a point NOT TO LET STRESS take the better of me, and how?

Tips to stay stress free during festivities

Make your plans in advance

plan giftsThe moment I knew I had a friend coming over to stay, I sat and chalked things out. It always helps planning out things in advance, because I certainly hate the last minute pandemonium and rush – no struggles needed, thank you. The last minute running around for gifts and other utilities, stocking up for the days ahead while the festivities are on, I intend to overcome them before the conch shells blow and the drums beat. So yes, now that Diwali is on its way, plan in advance.

Gifts and toys

If you have a wish-list with you, thumbs up, because that is stage one of planning. However, not finding what you want to gift can be stressful, and more so when you have left it at the last moment. So when you do come to the last minute shopping zone, you may or may not get what you want. Now this is what you should do –

Have a TO-DO-LIST ready

  • The TO-DO-LIST; Tasks done daily or on a weekly basis should be jotted down, and not kept for the last moment. This would allow you enough time to be ready for the festivities, and everything would fall in its place, just as you want it to be. While the festivities are on, you don’t want to run around, with a list in your shirt pockets, do you?
  • If you are inviting friends and close ones to come over and enjoy the sparkles and fanfare in your city, stick to people you are comfortable with and resonate with. Be honest about your lifestyle with them, and also let them know what they can expect and what you can offer, as a host. When it comes to pesky nosey neighbours enquiring about your ‘friends’ staying over, smile and let their questions not waver your mind. Lucky for me, Simona, although from another country and culture, adapted well and adopted the ‘Calcuttan way of living’- grateful for that.
  • sweets festivalFood should be eaten on time and no matter what the grand gastronomical affair seems to be, keeping it unique, sleek, healthy and nutritious is a must. Yes, we do go overboard indulging in junk – I do and I admit it, but that shouldn’t be always the case. When planning for food and servings, always think from your friends point of view, and it would be best to talk it out on day one of their arrival. It helps keep the stomachs full and satiated too.
  • Some of us prefer staying home while the holidays are on in full swing, not me though, because I love exploring my city and its quirky grey-shades now and then. But, for those who would love to stay far from the maddening crowds – indulge in home based activities that would help stimulate the mind and the body. This brings down the levels of stress. If you do want to venture out while the city is on the roads, remember, battling the crowds would be a challenge and let’s not even begin with the traffic snarls – so choose your schedule and plans accordingly, and check with the department of roadways as to which route would be less crowded; good luck with that!

Finally, before the festivities begin and since you’ve been running around making all the arrangements, may I suggest a home based spa to begin with. A healthy change and one that would rejuvenate every cell in your body – helps keep the chakras balanced and the mind at ease.

So candidly speaking, here were my tips and how I survive the onslaught of the festive season, and with Diwali coming up, I would like to hear from you as well. share your tips my lovelies, and let’s bring in the magic of lights this year once again!

Excited, and ready to manage festivities with a smile are we?

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