How To Manage Things During The Weight Loss Journey?


How To Manage Things During The Weight Loss Journey?

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There is nothing in the world like the feeling of seeing your weight drop on the weighing scale. When you have been really trying hard to lead a healthy lifestyle with clean eating, results are just a push that is needed to help you stick to your new found lifestyle. But once you reach your weight loss goal you might have a strange feeling. Shifting from actively losing kilos to the weight maintenance phase can seem weird and can also result in regaining of lost kilos.

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Just imagine that you are working really hard at your job each day but are not getting any raise or promotion. It would be difficult to deliver your best performance.

According to a behaviour-change expert, behaviour begins with a want to bring in a change. In order to keep that behaviour going, people need a feedback that they are successful and their efforts have been effective. So, when you see a drop on the weighing scale, it is a positive feedback that makes you feel victorious at the moment.

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A clinical psychologist says that the feel-good rush that you experience when your jeans gets loose is a reinforcement of the fact that your efforts have been fruitful. It is because of the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine that you feel excited and nervous on seeing signs of weight loss. Hormones dopamine and serotonin make you feel good. When you don’t see a drop in your weight you don’t get that feel-good chemical reaction.

Why is it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle?

Even though leading a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise is beneficial to your body, you will find hard to stick to it without any evident sign of any progress. When you feel that there is no progress you will feel like withdrawing yourself from the healthy lifestyle.

The weight loss plateau

How to Break Weight Loss Plateaus think different

And there are times when you hit the weight loss plateau. The weighing scale needle doesn’t seem to budge and it seems as though your weight loss journey has come to a standstill. Things can get pretty demotivating as you are not getting the feedback you are in anticipation of. You might get back to your old ways of emotional eating and missing out on workouts.

What needs to be done?

So, whenever you hit a plateau you need to revive your thought process. If you have reached your goal weight, it is a life-long plateau. You should know that that plateaus are the real part of a weight loss journey, you have to anticipate them and not look upon them as a hindrance to your progress.

So, there is a way of staying engaged when you have reached your goal. Since, your mind and body usually get bored by doing the same things always try switching things up every week. Swap indoor workout with a running session in the fresh air, choose a different veggie to cook every week, concentrate on your progress without waiting for weight loss. Give yourself some room for slip-ups. It is human to goof up things. Just be kind to yourself and learn how to abide by this behaviour. This way you can overcome the upcoming challenges.

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It is also possible to reframe your mental approach to weight loss and banish feelings of disappointment. Most of the time people focus on the future like how they will look and feel once they reach the weight loss goal. Change that attitude and believe in ‘today’. Identify with a solid reason for doing things that are meant for today. So shift focus from thinking about the future and think about how healthy eating and exercising will make you feel great in the present. To do so, identify a reason to stick to a behaviour. Focus on the positive such as the feel-good rush after a workout instead of beating yourself up for craving chocolate cake :P. Believe in the present and build miniature goals.

Hope you found this piece of advice useful for your weight loss journey!

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