Ways Of Managing Depression Due To PCOS


Managing depression due to PCOS

Managing depression due to PCOS

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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a reproductive disorder that has emerged as a common ailment today. 1 out of every 5 women is affected by it, mostly in the age group of 20 to 30 years.

It has been found out that PCOS is a serious cause of mental health issues in women. Attention needs to be paid as there is a huge risk of serious depressive disorders and psychiatric conditions if things are ignored. Read on to know ways of managing depression due to PCOS.

How to care for the mental health of PCOS patients?

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When it comes to caring for the mental health of PCOS patients, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors can be of help. Some women may start feeling comfortable after just a few counseling sessions whereas others might need several sessions. However, counseling will be of help.


Apart from counseling, some patients would also require medication as there are many mood disorders that are linked with PCOS which are caused by hormonal imbalances. Psychiatrists may prescribe medicines to help recovery but this is the last resort. If you are worried about consuming psychiatric drugs and antidepressants, you can always discuss the risks with your doctor.

Support of the family

A good amount of family support is needed for a woman afflicted by anxiety and depression due to PCOS.

The woman can have mood swings due to PCOS and that can create friction and conflict in the household. This only adds on to the stress. Thus, it is essential for the husband and other family members to attend behavioural therapy sessions along with marriage counseling. They have to be aware of the condition and understand the problem.

Tips to deal with PCOS

  • Apart from medicines, women with PCOS also need to make changes in their lifestyle. Consider implementing certain positive changes at your workplace and home.
  • Avoid taking additional responsibilities at office and set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t overload yourself with office work. Keep it simple so that you can handle it well.
  • You should make the most of casual leaves and go out for vacations every now and then. This is the perfect way of unwinding. You will appear fully charged up after a good vacation with your loved ones.
  • Share the workload at home. Seek the help of your husband and other family members in your chores so that the entire burden is not just on you.
  • Try a hand at relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. They can be really good stress busters.
  • Indulge in relaxing baths, aromatherapy and massages every now and then. You need to visit the spa for that but indulging once in a month is perfectly fine. After all health is wealth.
  • Take time out for your hobbies so that you have a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

Share your anxiety with a trusted family member or a friend. It will help you tremendously. If it is not possible to share things with someone too close, it is better to share it with an expert such as a psychologist. Talking about your problems can be quite soothing. It is also possible to get solutions for your problem.

Hope this post will help you in managing depression due to PCOS!