Mandira Bedi – A Super Mom


Mandira Bedi, Super Mom

On my string of motivation posts, today I have a super fit mom. Mandira Bedi, super mom who is an actor, television host, model and recently emerged as a toned fitness figure. She became a very famous person all over India when she hosted the ICC world cup 2003. It is none other than the fabulous ‘Mandira Bedi’.

Mandira Bedi Super Mom

I have always admired her looks, confidence and the way she carries herself. But personally, I have always felt, her eyes to be terrific and extremely attractive.

Can you all believe.. she is 41. She now has a signature saree store , she has time to manage that too..apart from all television host, sports event hosts, corporate shows. She is a mother of a baby boy. This fab mom has strict food and fitness routine.

mandira bedi diet chart

Fitness Routine

Mandira strongly believes that fitness routine before and after delivery is different. After her delivery, she had a huge challenge of dropping 22kg. As we all know, she came back in ‘never seen before’ avatar after pregnancy. Lets pep in and see what she does for her fitness.


Before pregnancy, she did yoga, jogging in the beach and rigorous treadmill to keep her ‘in-shape’ – Ya ! can we forget your backless blouses and skin hugging dress. It just spiced up our Indian cricket.

Mandira_Bedi post pregnancy wieght loss

Post delivery fitness

  • 41st day of her delivery, she started her workouts.
  • Evening walk is a must in her routine
  • 5 days a week
  • 20-30 minutes of strength training / cardio for her lean and toned look.
  • She had included ‘power yoga’ in her workout plans
  • Slowly, after gaining stamina, she started her old routine of running, gym. But this time, she included power yoga and weight training.

In an interview she has said “The idea is to do more than what your body is used to-if you’re looking at serious weight loss,”  – I say..Mandira ji, you are absolutely right.

Food Routine

  • Mandira’s food routine is quiet simple.
  • She goes fasting on mondays..(Ooouch !!)
  • Mandira is no more a sweet girl..Dont get me wrong !! I mean..she doesn’t have sweets in any form. (Salute you !!)
  • Breakfast is really a “Big fat Breakfast”. 1 Whole egg, 2 egg white scramble, glass of milk, porridge, bowl of fruits..
  • For Lunch , a cup of dal, 4 rotis and a big bowl of subzi
  • Dinner is ‘no carbs’ most of the time. Some days she has roti and subzi.
  • Corn, sprouts, soy are her snacks.

Mandira’s Advice to Fitness freaks

“Don’t starve. Eat at regular intervals. A biscuit, sandwich or fruit is a good option. Don’t overstress and do work towards becoming stronger, healthier and fitter.”

Mandira’s view on Fitness

“Fitness is a very important part of my life. Post the birth of my baby, I had set a deadline for losing weight, and I managed to shed 22 kilograms in just six months. Fitness is a way of life. I don’t exercise to look good or for cosmetic reasons, but to remain strong and fit. It’s a happy space for me,” says the hale and hearty Mandira.

What I found very interesting about her?

Mandira says how she started her post-pregnancy workout routine  “The needle was stuck there-it was frustrating. I had a C-section so I couldn’t exercise, my doctor gave me 40 days to even start doing my daily walks. I counted the days and on the 41st day, I was walking on Carter Road, and It was raining heavily, so I bought a raincoat before starting my very first walk “ I say..’ Very Inspiring’

Mandira never misses her workout. She carries her jogging shoes with her, even if she is holidaying. She says “One is not likely to find a gym everywhere we go, you need to improvise. If I don’t find anything, I run around the building 20 times”

She says “We have 24 hours in a day. If you eliminate seven hours of sleep, sparing 45 minutes for your exercise should not be difficult.”

P.S :

How many likes for her short hair?  Ladiess.. I liked her with those lustrous long hair (of late 90’s)

Mandira Bedi weight loss


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