My Marathon Running Practice With 10K App: Week 7

running app c25k marathon running

My Marathon Running Practice With 10K App: Week 7

A Big Hello to all Fitness Lovers,

I am back again with my recent update on the completion of the 7th week running with 10K App for the coming Marathon in November. Well, days quickly passed and I stepped into my eight week of running which is unbelievable for me when I look back.

October was totally a festive month with Navratri celebrations, Dussehra, Karvachauth & lastly Diwali. Time just flew away like anything in between all these celebrations week after week. Well, as you all know festivals tend to really make it tough to follow a particular diet as everybody around you insists to ditch the diet just for a day and enjoy the festival to the core! The same happened with me too! :-p

I had a gala time during all these festive celebrations although I made sure to eat healthy whenever I got a chance to! Okay enough of my blabbers and let me give you an update of how did I managed to finish the 7th week running practice which had so much running to do without a break.

running app c25k marathon running

Talking about the Marathon, October is already going to be over in 2 days and I have only these tow days left with me to get registered for this Marathon which is going to be organized in November. The Airtel Half Marathon is of 21km and currently I am very close to finish the 5km challenge, so I am having thoughts about whether I should go for 21km or not!

Well, I surely do want to give a try as I was fascinated by the Marathon itself and took up Running just to be a part of this even t and also see that I am able to do it or not!

One thing which I really don’t like is that it takes to long to download the forms and that these are so lengthy to fill all the particulars.I have just two days in my hands and I wish to be able to fill them by that time.

 Coming to the running practice, as I already informed in my last post that my husband has also joined me in my running after seeing the level of motivation I have developed for Running! 🙂 He doesn’t practice running for losing weight as he doesn’t need to loose weight in fact he needs to put on some weight! But it is just that running keeps one fit and active and also safe from many diseases. It is clearly not about loosing or gaining weight but it is all about an over all fit body and mind.
Now coming to this week’s running practice, I had to simply run for 25 minutes in one go and had to stretch the duration to 28 minutes all the three days. Well, I didn’t find much difficulty in running for 25 minutes and was easily able to stretch it to 28 minutes. It was basically because the 6 weeks of practice worked well to built up my stamina and that now I needed to put my stamina to test!
Now I feel, I will be able to run for an hour but that feeling is totally hypothetical and I still need to practically observe that I can go for one hour running or not!
Only major disappointment in this week’s running was that  it tends to get a little monotonous and appears boring after a while. Thank God Music is there as it surely lightens the boring running session.
After my 8th week running practice gets over, I will be able to finish my 5km challenge which means I will be able to run for 5 km in one go and without any hindrance. Yayy!

One important thing I need to take care of is to change my track, as earlier this week,when I changed my running track, it was a little uncomfortable for me to go on with the continuous running.

Also the festivities messed with my strict diet and I quickly need to get back to the former diet as soon as possible. I felt that am not eating right and running which made no sense at all and the hard work & efforts I am putting is just going in vain. So, for that reason too, I need to stick to my diet once again with full swing!

Overall, the 7th week has been quite comfortable and didn’t put much challenges for me. I am ready for the 8th week practice now.

I will see you guys next week with my 8th week running practice completion updates.

Till then, take care! 🙂

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