Masala Bhangra-New Weight Loss Workout


Masala Bhangra-New Weight Loss Workout

We Indians are real smart manipulators and this has again been proved by the latest dance workout called “The Masala Bhangra Workout”. Developed 15 years ago by New York based Indian fitness expert, Sarina Jain, today this workout is the second most popular form of alternate exercise of Indian origin globally.

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Initially it was rejected in India as a cardio workout form but later when Sarina launched it in US and it got popular there we the Indians too became fans of Masala Bhangra Workout. (Blind western influence you see). As the name suggests it is derived from two Indian words: Masala, which means spicy in Hindi, and Bhangra, which is a traditional folk dance from the northern state of Punjab, India.

Why Bhangra for Workout?

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This workout is based on the idea that you can stick to a workout plan only if you have fun while doing it. There is an Indianness in this workout which is basically a cardio workout like aerobics. And if you enjoy dancing, you will definitely enjoy Masala Bhangra.

How much is the calorie burn rate ?

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This is a workout that can really keep your metabolic rate high, in turn giving optimum weight loss results. The workout has such movements which tone and condition the entire body and has the potential to burn more than 500 calories per session of 50-60 minutes (depending on the intensity). There is no need to know how to dance, all you need to do is get lost in the rhythm and let your steps go with the flow of the beats.

The steps are a happy coordinated mix of aerobics warm ups and Punjabis’ wedding dance. The steps have been very smartly given names like ‘dhol beat’ or ‘hadippa’. Although Sarina has taken assistance of local artists for formulating dhol beats for this workout but it can easily be done on any funky Punjabi wedding music. So undoubtedly it is a fun way to lose weight and add some spice to your life.

People rate it even higher than Zumba workout because it is not hard on the knees. Those who do it regularly say that this Masala Bhangra is 40 minutes of sweating with a smile on your face.

Workout Plan

The Masala Bhangra Workout has almost 40 minute running time of which the first six minutes of the program are a warm up. The next 40 minutes is the movement to fast paced, upbeat Indian music. The last four minutes are a cool down period. Each dance segment starts with an easy move, and progresses to something more challenging. It’s a moderate workout with a mixed intensity.

What works in these sessions are the moves that ensure a person gets a complete cardiovascular workout. The arms are up in the air and shoulders are moving up and down thus making upper body stronger. There is a lot of emphasis placed on the thighs, so the legs too get stronger. The core muscles too get stronger as one is supposed to maintain an upright posture throughout.

Top 3 Popular numbers for Masala Bhangra

  • The Masala Bhangra theme song sung by Jasbir Jassi

  • Gal Ban Gayi by Sukhbir

  • Discowale Khisko from the movie Dil Bole Hadippa

Youtube has various short videos of Masala Bhangra. There is one longer one but it is dubbed in Spanish, though it is good enough to get an idea of the intensity of the workout – “”

Will you try Masala Bhangra-New Weight Loss Workout ?