Why Massaging A Sprain Is A Bad Idea?


Massaging A Sprain Is A Bad Idea – Find Out Why?

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Ouch! You just twisted your ankle or sprained your arm and it is painful! What is the next step? You call out for help and your loved one immediately reaches out for the first aid box and takes out the ointment meant for sprains and starts massaging it on the area that is affected. Even if you howl in pain, he or she won’t leave you because according to them the ointment needs to be massaged well so that it gets absorbed into the skin. The loved ones doing this are most probably the elders at home! They love you a lot, no doubt, but do you think that the way they deal with sprains and muscle pulls is right?

Why Massaging A Sprain Is A Bad Idea?


There is always a first aid procedure that should be followed. Only after that, ointments should be applied for pain relief. Let us find out in this post what doctors have to say about usage of ointments and this practice of massaging the sprained area.

Medicines to relieve pain are the most widely used ones or rather the most widely abused ones. Severe pain has to be dealt with at the hospital by trained staff and under the supervision of the doctor. However, when the pain is mild or moderate it is most often treated by people at home with certain home remedies and over the counter medicines such as ointments and sprays. You can see a lot of television ads of the same. There are so many brands out there! Each brand claims that their ointment or spray is the best and provides relief in an instant. This makes the layman like you and me fall for these products. Though there is nothing wrong with in using these pain relief ointments, there exist a lot of misconceptions in the society. People have their own way of treating somebody who has suffered from a sprain.

Pain in a woman calf

You should know when to treat the sprain at home and when you should pay a visit to the doctor. Doctors are of the opinion that the usual practice of applying an ointment over the sprain is okay but massaging that area should be strictly avoided especially when the sprain is around the joints. If you massage the area there can be an increase in the swelling and more of tissue bleeding. The pain increases due to the swelling and the joint may later develop stiffness. In such cases it is advisable to do ice (cold) fomentation as it will help in providing relief.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that you should avoid any kind of massage even with ointments when there is acute pain. Simply apply the ointment and let it do its job. Ointments work well when there is a dull aching pain or a muscular pain.  Remember to treat mild pains at home and pay a visit to the doctor when the pain is unbearable.

Take care of yourself!

Hope now you know why massaging a sprain is not the right thing to do.

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