Is MCT Oil Better Than Coconut Oil?

Why is Coconut Oil Good For you?

Is MCT Oil Better Than Coconut Oil? Find out!

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Coconut oil and its benefits are well known. But have you heard of MCT oil? It is similar to coconut oil but is concentrated.

MCT oil – What is it?


MCT oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides. MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fatty acids of a particular length. MCT oil is a tasteless and a translucent liquid at room temperature.

When compared to short and long chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids are easily digestible and are more beneficial. They don’t get processed through digestion like other foods, they are processed in the liver. MCTs offer you a quick and long lasting energy, plus they get easily absorbed by the body.

MCT oil is extracted from coconut or palm oil. Medium Chain Fatty Acids are present in breast milk, goat’s milk, cheese and butter.

Health benefits of MCT oil

Coconut oil vs MCT oil – Is MCT Oil Better Than Coconut Oil?


As already said, MCT oil is obtained from coconut oil and palm oil. Many coconut oil companies have started boasting that coconut oil is a great natural source of MCTs, which is true but there are certain points to keep in mind. MCT oil companies claim that their product is more concentrated than coconut oil and this claim is also true but again it lacks one form of MCT.

Lauric acid is the fatty acid that makes coconut oil companies claim that coconut oil is better than MCT oil. This is also why MCT oil companies claim that MCT oil is much better than coconut oil. Both the parties are right, but reasons are different.

MCT oil has fatty acids called Capric and Caprylic acid, or only concentrated Caprylic acid. This makes them a faster and more usable energy source. Lauric acid is not present in them most often. This acid slows down digestion as it acts like a combination of both long chain and medium chain fatty acid in the body.

On the other hand, lauric acid is the dominant fatty acid in coconut oil. Other fatty acids like caproic acid, caprylic acid and capric acid are also present. This makes coconut oil a wonderful source of MCFAs. However, this depends on whether you consider lauric acid a MCT or a long one. A bio-chemist would say that it is a long-chain fatty acid and a chemist will say that it is a medium-chain fatty acid. It is beneficial in both ways.

The benefit of lauric acid is that it is antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial making it excellent for the skin. Lauric acid upon digestion creates a substance that boosts immunity. And MCT oil does not have it!

The bottom line

MCT oil is better if you want fast and lasting energy whereas coconut oil is the saviour if you want the benefits of lauric acid.

Digestive Caution:

Use MCT oil slowly. As it is used up by the body readily and quickly, it can lead to digestive troubles (embarrassing ones) when consumed too much. Start with ½ to 1 teaspoon and let your stomach get used to it

Environmental caution:

Buy MCT oils extracted from coconut oil or sustainable eco-friendly palm oil as the palm oil industry is the reason behind deforestation of lots of rainforests. This renders so many species of animals homeless and at the verge of extinction.

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