Mcvities Hobnobs Oats Cookie Review


Mcvities Hobnobs Oats Cookie Review


Looking at how we love oats and everything to do with oats I went for some goodie shopping and am back with a couple of things… Mcvites Hobnobs cookies and Mcvites digestive biscuits.
Since we are a big fan of healthy stuff and high fiber stuff these biscuits are a welcome to coffee time.


Today am going to review Mcvites Oat’s cookie with honey: Hobnobs.

Am in love with them <3<3 from the first bite! (True love; Lol!) Am not a huge fan of oats cookies, I love the chocolate chips cookies actually, anything with chocolate as a matter of fact, but these cookies just changed my perspective, I now go for these cookies over Choco chips.

They are crumbly and just right amount of sweet and has oats bits which you can see and taste, so it’s not very smooth, it’s rough hence the name hobnobs. You literally can bite into it and every piece gives you some oats to chew on, it’s not just like oats on the top of the cookie but even inside.


Here is what goes into making them:

Oats- 21.26%, Wheat flour-17.72%, Whole wheat flour- 15.64%, Honey- 2.5%, Wheat fibre- 1.25%, Sugar, edible oil, wheat gluten Invert syrup, salt, leavening agents, acidity regulator.

With those ingredients, it’s pretty clear that the oats flour being 21.26% is not such a bad choice, also we have whole wheat flour 15% and wheat flour at 17%. I really did not know the difference between whole wheat flour and wheat flour, I actually thought wheat flour is maida :p after a bit of research let me tell you that whole wheat flour is the flour of the wheat as a whole, bran included and wheat flour is flour without any bran but still better than refined flour. So that provides you with a decent amount of fibre, who didn’t want that?!
This is really one of the healthiest cookie in the market which is true to its claim of being an oats cookie. Mcvites has done a great job to bring to you a healthier choice, here is the nutritional break up :

The nutritional value is for 1 cookie, doesn’t look so bad right?! This one will make love your macros…

Calories- 67
Protein– 1.1
Carbohydrate- 8.7
Fat– 3
Fibre- 0.8


All in all, these cookies are an awesome choice when it comes to snacking, am all sold over these. And I wish I could really tell you the number of packets I’ve already devoured, lost count! Please go shopping and buy these, worth every penny I tell you!

Hope the review was worth making your mouth water, let me know how was your experience
This is Pooja

Hope you found this Mcvities Hobnobs Oats Cookie Review useful!

P.S – This cookie is not meant for low carbers.

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