Me Time-Time For Your Own Self


Me Time-Time For Your Own Self

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Most of times, each day brings a “To do” list in everyone’s lives. As soon as you get up, you realize it’s already late for office. As you drive towards office, you are making a list of what all things you need to do today. By noon, you realize you can’t even finish half your list, so you prioritize a few items and update the list. By evening, you realize that you have still not finished the priority items and you decide to do them “on priority” tomorrow. You pack your bag, go home, eat, relax, and watch TV and go to sleep. And the vicious circle repeats next day and days on and on! But wait, where is the “Me time”? You are so busy day in and out that there isn’t any time for your own self.

Me time is the time a person needs to spend alone. Me time is a luxury nowadays, which by the way must be a need and not a luxury in anyway.

Some people are extroverts who are outgoing and surrounded by most of the people. Some people are introverts and like to confine to their own self and a few people. The extroverts and introverts have a stark difference in their personalities but both of them do need their “Me time”. In fact, a study revealed that people who spend time alone have a better social life than people who are surrounded by others all the time. A study from Harvard found that people form more “memorable” memories when they go through them alone. May be it’s because you can’t have “I did not notice” moments as a result of distraction by others.

Let’s talk about women. Most of us women, work around job, house chores, kids, parents etc etc. We manage career and family both together, hand in hand and we are so proud of it. But we rarely feel that we ourselves hold any priority in our lives. Our priorities are always others – parents, husband or kids. And one fine day, we wake up from a deep sleep and realize – “Ooh God, I haven’t waxed my arms since ages” or “I have not read a book for an year” or “I haven’t cooked my favorite dish in the kitchen for years”. It brings nothing but a feeling of frustration. We all need to prioritize our own self.

Woman-vacuuming How To Get Fit Without Stepping Into The Gym

Taking time for your own self has such physical and emotional benefits you can’t imagine. It gives you a break from all your responsibilities and makes you feel rejuvenated. It makes you feel happy. Ain’t the purpose of life to be happy? At least, I think it definitely is!

Me time boosts self-esteem. You value yourself, make yourself feel important, loved and taken care of. This time can be anytime right from your breakfast coffee to your dinner walk.

There is no better bliss than feeling alive and that’s what ME time does. What do you think?

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