Meal Options For Weight Loss With 9-5 Job Commitment


Meal Options For Weight Loss With 9-5 Job Commitment


Here is the second and last of the series of Weight Loss With 9-5 Job Commitment. As promised I am giving a kind of meal options which you can use as you wish at the place of work. But before that here is something I would love to share with you all. A quote which I loved so much especially because it has something that I really believe in. Take a look.

your work love it

I personally know one thing that if you don’t really love what you are doing and keep cribbing about your job then I am sorry to say but you need to stop doing it. Love your job and bring positivity all over your work place. On that note let me give you some interesting meal options which you can use anytime of the day if you are watching your calories. Pick any one option on a particular day. All calories mentioned are in approximation.

Breakfast for 9-5 job profile



  • 1 small banana, 1 apple, 1 pack 50ml fat-free homemade yogurt. (200 calories)
  • 2 slices multi grain toast with 2tsp each of homemade mayonaise. (200 calories)
  • 6 tbsp oats or unsweetened muesli with chopped apple or half banana and skimmed milk. (250 calories)
  • 2 slices wholewheat toast with 1tsp peanut butter and 1 small banana. (280 calories)
  • 2 Marie biscuits with skimmed milk and papaya 1 boiled egg. (280 calories)

Lunch for people with 9-5 job

salad- eating healthy at subway

All the  lunch options given here are easy to prepare and at times available readymade.

  • Subway Salad topped with 1 sliced skinless chicken breast or Tuna with ranch or mustard dressing. (300 calories)
  • 1 wholemeal bread with 2tsp any low-fat spread, 1 slice paneer, tomato, cucumber each and spinach salad. 50 ml fat-free fruit yogurt.  (300 calories)
  • 4 cream crackers with 2tbsp low-fat soft cheese and cucumber, tomato, spinach, cabbage, lettuce salad. 50ml pot of fruit yogurt. (315 calories)
  • Home made soya sandwich, wrap, roll or salad made with whole wheat or mixed grains and 1 apple (250 calories).
  • 1 veg wrap or sandwich with 1 large fruit salad. Use any seasonal vegetable.

Best Starters for 9-5 job goers

7. balsamic baked chicken recipe+ paleo diet+chicken for weightloss

  • Large mixed fresh green salad (no dressing). (40 calories)
  • Prawn or any other seafood – without dressing. (100 calories)
  • Bowl of vegetable, tomato, carrot or minestrone soup. (110 calories)
  • Grilled or roasted vegetables – (Sizzler) avoid oily dressing. (150 calories)
  • Grilled fish/ chicken with salad or vegetables. (250 calories) Control portion.

Dinner for 9-5 job commited

  • Grilled vegetables, 1tsp low-fat spread, and 1tsp mint sauce and steamed chicken. (350 calories)
  • Omelette made using 1tsp olive oil, ½ small red onion, a handful of mushrooms, ½ bell peppers each of various kinds. 3 eggs, 1tbsp skimmed milk and 2tbsp grated reduced-fat Cheese. Have with salad. (400 calories)
  • Chicken stir fry made from 1 small skinless chicken breast, 1tsp oil, 1 small bag ready-prepared stir-fry vegetables and a dash of reduced-salt soy sauce. Have with a few strands of noodles. (475 calories)
  • Paneer masala with Tadka Dal and one missi roti. (500 calories)



  • 1 medium apple (55 calories)
  • 50ml pot low-fat fruit yogurt (60 calories)
  • 1 small banana (75 calories)
  • 25 gm roasted peanuts (150 calories)

Sweet Treats for 9-5 job goers

Allow just once a week as sugar is addictive.

  • 1 small choc chip cookie (55 calories)
  • 1 small glass dry white or red wine or champagne (100 calories)
  • 1 small packet reduced-fat crisps or savoury snacks (about 100 calories)
  • 1 scoop reduced-fat ice cream (105 calories)
  • 1 small bar of chocolate (check label for calories) prefer dark chocolate.

So if you are a 9-5 office goer then this list is surely going to help you. See you soon, stay connected. Let us inspire each other in our weight loss journey.

Hope you found these meal options for weight loss with 9-5 job commitment useful.

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